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HTML5 client for VMware View!!!

ok… do not get to excited yet.. it just came in beta today, but Ericom has developed (or still is) a html5 client for VMware View that will work from a windows, linux, mac and Chrome OS device! Unfortunately the solution is not based on PCoIP but on RDP, but does even further open up the possibilities to connect back into your VMware View environment without having any local clients installed.

As the technology is pure HTML5 based, it does not require any Java, flash, silverlight or other client installs 🙂

You can signup for the beta here.

A new generation of storage boxes

Today a new company announced a new storage appliance. Not one of those traditional ones where you create raid group on your disks and lun on your raid groups, to then create a vmfs on and then store your VMs on it. No it directly supports storing VMs and do all the storage management per VM, like perfomance stats per VMs. The box uses a combination of SSD and SATA drives and of course you do not have to figure out where what block of data goes. The appliance is smart and will balance the high IO load data on the SSD and lower demand data on the SATA. While doing this it also data dedubes (using the SSD disks) so you get good value for money by saving (hopefully) lots of storage usage.

Duncan has written a good more detailed article about the unit, check it out


The box (no price mentioned on their site yet) comes with 8.5TB of usable storage (across the 1TB SSD and 7,5TB SATA).

VMware View iPad App released

Yeah!!!! The eagerly awaited VMware View iPad app is available via the iTunes store


The App supports PCOIP (no RDP support) that should give good performance over all kinds of networks, including 3G. A series of gestures are added to enable you to easily work with just your fingers.

If you like to share your experience with the iPad app, VMware has also opened an forum specially for the iPad app.

VMworld 2011 – Call for paper is open!

Do you want to present at VMworld in Las Vegas and/or Copenhagen, you can now submit your session idea. Make sure it is a very educative sessions based on real world experience, to get the best change of being selected.

VMworld 2011



VMware vCloud connector available

I really wanted to wait writing this article, as I would have loved to shown you the new VMware vCloud Connector working in the real world with a Colt, BlueLock or Verizon, but unfortunately it is quite a challenge to get anyone to speak at these companies 🙁 And as Eric Sloof just posted a video of using the vCloud Connector against an other Vcenter server, I could not wait anymore.

So, if you are lucky enough to have an account with a VMware vCloud Datacenter partner you can start playing with the new vCloud Connector. You can download it usign this link:

The vCloud connector allows you to easily move Virtual Machines from your own datacenter to the cloud (and back) and keep track of all your VMs from within Virtual Center.

Check out Eric’s movie demonstrating the vCloud Connector;



Security designed for virtualization… it really works!!

Since the release of vSphere 4.1 a new API for security is available called EPSEC (End Point Security). Together with the already existing VMSafe API security vendors can make security products designed for virtualized worlds.

You might ask, why do security products need a special virtualization approach? Well of course you do not have to, but certain things will not perform so well. Especially if you talk about desktop virtualization. Imagine running 50+ desktop VMs on a single server and all the virus scanners inside those operating systems decide to do their daily scan at the same time. So Trend and Symantec already have ‘random’ start features in their products to prevent this kind of behavior. But can it be done even more efficient?

Yes! by using this new EPSec API. It allows security vendors to build anti virus/malware solutions in a single virtual appliance that can protect all VMs running on a single server, with NO AGENTS installed inside the VMs it self. Trend Micro is the first to have this to market with their currently available DeepSecurity 7.5 product. Symantec and McAfee will hopefully follow soon as well.

To proof that this new way of implementing AV protection is working efficiently, trend asked the Tolly group to research/benchmark this, and what a results did they found! The ‘old school’ scenario consumed 1.7 to 8.5 times more resources. This resulted in 29% to 275% improved workload density!

Especially if you are currently running a VDI environment or planning soon to implement one, I would highly recommend you read the tolly report and plan your Anti Virus/Malware strategy accordingly.

Download the tolly report here.

SOON: The vCloud Connector :-)

VMware announced today that the vCloud Connector will be available before the end of the quarter. In case you do not know what this connector is all about, well it is simple.. this connector (a plugin for your vCenter environment) allows you to easily move Virtual Machines between your own datacenter and real Cloud providers. Even after you have moved the VMs to a cloud provider you still will be able to see them in vCenter and manage them!

Initially you will be able to connect to the US Bluelock or to the European Colt providers, but more will join! Verizon will soon have a beta program you can join and Terremark and Singtel are also working on supporting the connector.

Most important.. the vCloud Connector will be free of charge 🙂 (and does not require vCloud Director, just vCenter).

VMworld 2011 in Europe.. when and where..

The date for the VMworld 2011 event in the US was already public for a while (august 29, september 1), but when and where the event would take place in Europe was still a bit of a mystery.. until now 🙂 As the feedback was so great about the copenhagen event, VMware has decided to host VMworld 2011 in europe again in the copenhagen Bella Center from October 18 till 20th.

This year the Hotel next to the bella should be finished, so the walk from the metro station to the venue will be significantly shorter (yeah!) and also of course provides for even more space if needed.

So put the date in your agenda and I hope to see you in copenhagen this year again 🙂

Have a bit of fun looking inside VMware’s culture, see future developments and maybe find a new career :-)

VMware has started posting a lot of videos to attract engineers lately. If you want to have a bit more look inside the VMware culture, they are fun to watch. You can see how the VMware coders work and play 🙂 And you never know, you might even find a nice new career.

Here is the youtube link.

p.s. you can also get a bit of glimps on what kind of new technologies VMware is looking to develop by seeing what kind of people they are looking to hire. Check out this video for example. Project Horizon Job post

Mobile Management – The possibilities

As the xmas holiday is coming, some lucky ones might find an iPad under the tree, but most of us will hopefully be spending some nice time at home. But what if stuff goes wrong at work, while you are at a nice xmas dinner? Do you need to pull out your laptop or drive to the office.. or can you cope with some of the available mobile management solutions that are available today?

Here at run-virtual HQ we tested out for you the possible options.

– iDataCenter (iPad Native App- €11.99)
– iVMControl (iPhone Native App- €7.99)
– OPS1 (iPhone native App- FREE)
– Rove Mobile Admin (Windows Mobile/Android/Blackberre/Iphone native apps – $595)
– vCenter Mobile Access (Mobile webpages – Free)
– VMware vSphere client for iPad (iPad – Unknown price, not released yet)

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