Platform as a Service

SOON: The vCloud Connector :-)

VMware announced today that the vCloud Connector will be available before the end of the quarter. In case you do not know what this connector is all about, well it is simple.. this connector (a plugin for your vCenter environment) allows you to easily move Virtual Machines between your own datacenter and real Cloud providers. Even after you have moved the VMs to a cloud provider you still will be able to see them in vCenter and manage them!

Initially you will be able to connect to the US Bluelock or to the European Colt providers, but more will join! Verizon will soon have a beta program you can join and Terremark and Singtel are also working on supporting the connector.

Most important.. the vCloud Connector will be free of charge 🙂 (and does not require vCloud Director, just vCenter).

VMforce – How it will work

Well today is the day of the big news around VMware and If you are an enterprise developer and wanted to get your app in the Cloud, you already had a few options like googls apps, Microsoft Azure or Apex platform, but soon there will be a nice option for all you Java Fans out there. VMware and announced today the vmforce platform. This will enable Java developers to develop like normal their Java apps on the springsource platform and with a drap-and-drop feature will be able to run their application on the infrastucture in the Cloud and gaining access to the databade and other services.

vmforce how it works

The actual service is not available yet, but a developer preview will be made available later this year, including the cost aspect.

More info:

Rod Johnson, General Manager@springsource just posted a blog about the new vmforce.

Steve Herrod, CTO@vmware also posted a blog on his take with some great background info.