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Win a Free Pass to techEd 2013

Here on run-virtual we always like to promote free things 🙂 And one of the leaders in giving free things is Veeam, with their previous awesome home-lab give-a-ways and free passes to IT shows.

And again veaam is stepping up to the plate, you can win a free pass for TechEd 2013!


Heading to VMworld? Are you a geek? Head to booth 1709!!!!!

No worry I am not selling you anyone’s products, but this is a chance you do not want to miss. Veeam is having an awesome competition on their VMworld booth!! A chance to win a DREEAM LAB!!!
– 2 HP ProLiant Servers with memory upgrades
– NETGEAR ReadyNAS storage system with SSD storage
– HP V1410-16G Ethernet switch
…and Microsoft, VMware and Veeam subscription for 1 year!

WOW.. I should be writing, DO NOT go to the VEEAM booth, because I want to win this price, and yes for sure I will be participating in it 🙂 I need a nice upgrade of my home server lab.

Way to go veeam!

2012 List of ways to go for FREE to VMworld

I guess it is time again to start building a list of ways to go for free to VMworld. Every year some vendors have competitions and give-aways for free tickets and even sometimes with free travel.

First to start this year is Veeam. Just by filling in a simple form you can participate in their raffle. It is ‘just’ for the ticket of VMworld, so travel and hotel you need to pay yourself. Competition ends April 18th!

Also VMware is having a competition. Create a video that shows how you are using VMware and you can win a free TRIP (flight plus hotel) to VMworld 2012.


Veeam free pass competition (ends August 9th, 2012, ticket only)

Vkernel session voting competition (ends June 11th, ticket only)
Veeam free pass competition (ends April 18th 2012, Ticket Only)

Create a video for vmware (end April 30th 2012, FULL Trip and 2x Conference passes)



Keep checking this page as I will add any other competitions to this list





There is progression for Oracle VM -> Gartner releases new Magic Quadrant for x86 Virtualization

Gartner just released an updated Magic Quadrant for x86 Virtualization, and I am happy to read (as I am Oracle Employee) that Oracle is on the way up 🙂 Sure VMware is still leading the pack, followed by Microsoft, but Gartner is seeing customers more often evaluating alternatives to prevent lock-in with VMware.

According to Gartner: “There has been growing interest during the past year in competitive evaluations and creating a separate virtualization footprint with a different technology — typically Microsoft Hyper-V, although Oracle VM use is also growing among VMware customers.”

x86 Virtualization Magic Quadrant

See the full Gartner report, it is an interesting and fair analysis of the current x86 Virtualization Market.
The Gartner Magic Quadrant report

Oracle wins Huge prize in Cloud Space, VMware not even mentioned.

Ok, it is not really a huge prize… It is actually the prize for the vendor who is the “worst cloudwashing offender”. Besides Oracle, Microsoft and Salesforce were also rewarded for their “washer” attitudes towards cloud.

As VMware and Citrix are not mentioned, so I guess people do think these companies are serious “cloud contenders”. I am really curious to see the results next year, as the industry is starting to see that “Cloud” is more and more driven from a business perspective then from a technical drive and therefor SaaS and Paas are the most attractive solutions. So while Citrix and VMware today are supposedly the “Cloud” contenders, there main focus (and success) has only been on the IaaS front.

I guess a lot of work to do for Oracle (read: me) to change the mindset and to not prove that Oracle’s virtualization stack is better the VMware’s, but that offering SaaS and Paas will provide more business value and in that space Oracle has a superieur solution 🙂

But at least the first Cloud prize is won for Oracle 🙂 “The biggest overall cloud washer”, yeah 🙂

Read more about the prizes:





Yeah, in vegas and started VMworldTV again

Today VMworld 2011 opened its doors again and I am in Vegas for VMworldTV to report on what is going on and find all the news scoops. We just finished editing our first videos (many more to come), please check them out on


Vote for me :-) Please!

Yeah, this year I am not organizing VMworld, so I can finally participate as a normal geek interested into the virtualization life style. I submitted two presentations for VMworld and can now start begging for your votes as the public voting for VMworld 2011 is live.

Here the sessions I submitted:

3080 – How To: Central Logging and Alerting for ESX(i), vCenter and View
This session will demonstrate how to setup central logging for your ESX, ESXi, vCenter and View servers. This will help you keep an secure centralized log for security auditing and analyze the log files for errors and security risks. As ESXi is the primary platform for the future, do know that by default it does not keep if log files persistent. Knowing how to centralize logging is a must for anyone that is security focused.

3093 – Monitoring and Auditing Your View Environment
Do you need to know who has logged in to your View environment and when? When is your View environment on its peak load and when is it more idle, so you know when to plan maintenance? This session will go into the details on how to monitor your View environment to get this kind of information. If you are running a View environment in production, this session is a must to attend.

To read all the submitted sessions and vote for what you find interesting, please go to

So here goes: Please… pretty please… vote for me 🙂

Voting is open until may 18th!

The VMware Stig

Ok, virtualization geeks also need to have some fun 🙂 On twitter a ‘competition’ seems to have broken out about who can best describe the VMware Stig, and if you like Top Gear and are a VMware Fan, some of these should give you a smile on your face 🙂


Some say he can vMotion without having to select a resource pool. All we know is, he’s called the #TheVMwareStig

Some say his mac address is A1:A1:A1:A1:A1:A1 and that his average ping response time is 0ms. All I know is that he is #TheVMwareStig

Some say his home lab is a three host ESX cluster running on Comodore 64’s with vCenter on a VIC-20. He is #TheVMwareStig

Some say he contracted VDI while in promiscuous mode, and that when he eats popcorn, he only eats the kernels. #TheVMwareStig

Some say he is vcdx000 & taught @DuncanYB @FrankDenneman and @vcdx001 everything they know. He is #TheVMwareStig, and he’s likely Dutch

Some say he dreams in PowerCLi and thinks Hyper-V is a curable disease, all we know is he’s called the #TheVMwareStig.


Follow and participate 🙂



More VMware Lego available!

Want to start with virtualization from scratch? and do it super simple? Well hardware vendors are moving to this model were you can just buy a rack which contains all the compute, networking and storage resources you need, already wired-up and configured, ready to go out of the box.

VMware, Cisco and EMC already offer this today with their VCE. Oracle offers it with their Exalogic Cloud. And now Dell has a simulair offering called Dell vStart.

Dell’s vStart comes as 2 offerings; the vStart 100 and vStart 200. The vStart 100 offer the capacity for 100 VMs and the vStart 200 offers 200 VM capacity.

The 100 VM system will set you back $99.000 USD ($990 per VM) and the 200 VM system will start at $169.000 ($845 per VM).

Dell made a simple but nice too watch movie to explain their vstart offering


A surprise next week by VMware?


Please join VMware and friends on April 12th for a special live webcast about cloud application development.

Each new era of computing changes the way we build applications. Current and aspiring cloud developers are invited to learn more about the next step in building cloud applications.

The live webcast will feature leaders in the cloud development community, including Rod Johnson, Mark Lucovsky, Derek Collison, Ben Galbraith, Dion Almaer, Ryan Dahl, Ian McFarland, Roger Bodamer, Michael Crandell and others.

Please join us on April 12th for an exciting advance for cloud developers.

North American Audiences
9:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight (San Francisco, GMT-07:00)
12:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight (New York, GMT-04:00)

European Audiences
5:00 p.m. Western European Summer (London, GMT+1:00)
6:00 p.m. Europe Summer (Paris, GMT+02:00)