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VMworld 2017 (EU) – Hackathon

So it has been a while 🙂 and my great employer is allowing me to visit VMworld Europe. I saw there was a hackathon, so a great opportunity to bring back an quite old project of mine that I never really finished. physical monitoring tools for your VMware/Cloud environment.

So what will we do? might wonder. Well we mainly will be using Raspberry PIs to control physical devices, both analog and digital, based on information from your VMware environment. We can also add some switches and buttons, so we can make it a 2-way street.

But… we need your help! If you are attending VMworld in Barcelona, come join our team (#8). It is great if you have programming skills, but that is not mandatory! If you have great ideas about what metrics, log files, etc we should poll so we can actually show useful information, that will be super useful as well. If you have AWS api knowledge also super awesome!

You can find more information about the event below. There is a link to a google Document where you enter your name to our team.

Mobile Management – The possibilities

As the xmas holiday is coming, some lucky ones might find an iPad under the tree, but most of us will hopefully be spending some nice time at home. But what if stuff goes wrong at work, while you are at a nice xmas dinner? Do you need to pull out your laptop or drive to the office.. or can you cope with some of the available mobile management solutions that are available today?

Here at run-virtual HQ we tested out for you the possible options.

– iDataCenter (iPad Native App- €11.99)
– iVMControl (iPhone Native App- €7.99)
– OPS1 (iPhone native App- FREE)
– Rove Mobile Admin (Windows Mobile/Android/Blackberre/Iphone native apps – $595)
– vCenter Mobile Access (Mobile webpages – Free)
– VMware vSphere client for iPad (iPad – Unknown price, not released yet)

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Cool vSphere iPad Management App.. coming soon :-)

Sure it isn’t the most important application from VMware, but might become one of the coolest. Srinivas, the product manager of VMware’s mobile team is working on an iPad app to manage your vSphere environment. The app is still in early stages and wasn’t demonstrated at the keynote, but we where able to catch him during the show and get a first glimpse of the app.

VMware is really showing of they are eating their own dog food

All the selfpaced labs this year at VMworld are automatically being provisioned on-demand by a custom build solution based on Lab Manager. Using the open API for labmanager they have build a Cloud like environment for all the attendees. The system does not just provision ‘normal’ virtual machines like windows, but entire virtualized ESX environments, so running ESX inside ESX, with SRM and VC server.

How much power does your datacenter use?

Everyone (hopefully) wants to be green now-a-days and virtualization is helping with that goal by consolidating a lot of your servers. I have asked many IT administrators in the last year ‘do you know how much power your datacenter uses?‘ and pretty much never did I hear a ‘yes‘ as answer.

So why is that? Most IT managers never see the energy bill as facilities take care of that. But would you not as IT manager want to have this information to help proof that moving to virtualization was a good move.

I personally run a reasonable size datacenter at VMware, our demo briefing center, and want to know myself how much power we are using. So I did some investigation in this, but found out this is a very expensive wish. I was only able to find solutions based on physical hardware that can monitor your power consumption, costing around $1000 per PDU strip. Just for my small datacenter alone that would cost me $20.000+ just to figure out how much power I use.

But hold on! most hardware today, especially servers, have build in power monitors. All my HP servers and Blades and all my Dell servers and Blades can report individually how much power they are using. So why is there no software out there that consolidates all this??? I have searched, but came up empty. How hard can it be to have an application that reads out the power consumption every X minutes from all your supported devices and historically stores this and provides some nice graphs??

So here my idea, let me know if you care about this as well. If enough people think so, I will write the bloody app myself and make it available for free. If you already know of an app that does this, please let us know in the comments. I thought there was an iPhone App for everything?



First Native iPhone App to manage your VMware environment :-)

CHECK OUT the updated list of 6 mobile Apps for your iPhone / iPad

the app shown below does not excist  anymore, check out the above link.

Can Microsoft make themselves even more ridiculous?

I was browsing today the internet and came across this ‘dumb’ video. I guess Microsoft is trying to fight the competition, so they made this ’10 myths about VMware” video. Silly of them to not use any accurate information or counter arguments.

Microsoft Mythbusters: Top 10 VMware Myths

I feel very tempted to shoot down all their 10 points, but should I bother? Point 1 and 2, claim that they have live migration and clustered file system, but Microsoft’s definition of “having” can I guess include future stuff. I am of course an alien, but in my english classes i learned there is a difference between “have” and “will have”.

Being a techie my self, one point I do want to address, which is memory commitment, why does Microsoft just want to refuse to see how it works. It does NOT work by not allocating unused memory! It scans memory pages to find duplicate pages, so if you run 10x basic windows OS, and yes that memory can be actively used, it will only store it once in memory. So memory commit feature ‘compresses’ the memory, and if you do not do it in extreme, you can do it without any serious punishment, while still saving memory.

OK, one final one, and this has nothing to do with technical stuff. Mister Microsoft claims that it is silly to compare based on cost per application / virtual machine, Microsoft and VMware prices are based per machine, so that is how you should compare????? Hello Microsoft, get real!!! It is like saying, when you buy a car, only look at the price of the car, do NOT look at the miles per gallon (KM per Litre). If Microsoft keeps up that strategy, they will end up like all american car manufactures, not selling a single car anymore, while the efficient Japanese car manufactures laugh their asses off.

Competition should be great, it keep manufactures sharp and on the edge, but for some reason Microsoft just plays silly. I hope they will actually make some good features at some point in time, so that the market moves forward instead of playing ignorant.

It is good to see that this nonsense does not get unnoticed, have a read of this blog post, it exposes how Microsoft IT looks at their own virtualization product.

Run an entire SRM setup on your Laptop

After posting the video demonstrating SRM, I received a lot of feedback and new tips and tricks. One I thought I should share with you all. If you really got exited after watching my video about SRM (which I hope of course 🙂 ) then you should check this out:

It is a document that explains how you can run ESX servers with the entire SRM setup on your laptop 🙂