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MOM Plugin for VMware

eXc Software makes a plugin for Microsoft Operations Manager for VMware. There is not much info on their website, but you can download a 30 day trial.

eXc Software website

Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 SP1

At the recent Microsoft Management Summit in Las Vegas, Steve Ballmer explained what Microsoft’s plans are for Virtual Server. Microsoft is clearly seeing Virtualization finally as a key industry standard and are trying to catch up to VMware. Microsoft is planning the release SP1 for Virtual Server at the end of this year. Key new features are; PXE Support, support for 64bit host OS, probably supporting other operating systems then Windows and iSCSI support.

Read more about what Steve said here.

Download the SP1 for Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 here

IBM Virtual Machine Manager

IBM Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) is an extension to IBM Director that allows you to manage both physical and virtual machines from a single console. With VMM, you can manage both VMware ESX Server and Microsoft® Virtual Server environments using IBM Director. VMM also integrates VMware VirtualCenter and IBM Director for advanced virtual machine management.

IBM Virtual Machine Manager Website

HP ProLiant Essentials Virtual Machine Management Pack

The ProLiant Essentials Virtual Machine Management Pack (VMM) provides central management and control of virtual machines from Microsoft and VMware. Integrated with HP Systems Insight Manager, VMM provides unified management of virtual machines and supporting HP ProLiant host server resources. This integrated approach provides the ability to manage both physical and virtual resources from a single management console.

VMM simplifies day-to-day management and operation of virtual machines by providing host to VM association and remote access to VM control functions (including start, stop, suspend and reset). VMM also provides at a glance view of VM and host server resource consumption. Using VMM, IT administrators can easily identify VMs or host servers reaching high CPU, memory or disk utilization levels. VMM provides the ability to easily move VMs between host server resources to balance the workload across host servers and better optimize use of datacenter resources. VMM also provides the foundation for automating Physical to Virtual (P2V) migrations through the new Server Migration Pack.

HP Virtual Machine Management Pack website

Virtual Server Management Console

VSMC – Virtual Server Management Console is a tool for simple management of Your VMware GSX Server (host). You can control Your virtual machines (VM’s) with nearly all possible operations provided by VMware.


VSMC Website

OpalisRobot CAP for VMware

The OpalisRobot CAP forVMware GSX Server and Microsoft Virtual Server allows administrators to automatically stop, start, create, and remove virtual servers as part of their automated maintenance procedures. Using this CAP allows administrators to simplify and automate the maintenance of virtual machines, further reducing the costs associated with server maintenance.


Opalis Robot for VMware GSX Server
Opalis Robot for Microsoft Virtual Server

Dunes VS-O: Virtual Service Orchestration Software

Dunes VS-O Provides a graphical interface to program different operations in a Virtual Infrastructure.

Dunes Virtual Service Orchestrator (Dunes® VS-O™) is a virtual service orchestration software solution for VMware VirtualCenter and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005. Dunes VS-O is about capturing best practices and business policies in order to provide an end-to-end IT service that proactively meets the business objectives in an automated manner, making the data center more efficient and adaptive to changing business conditions.


Dunes Website

S-Ops: Service Management Solution for Virtual Resources

Dunes S-Ops provides unified management and control of distributed heterogeneous virtual resources across the enterprise. Dunes S-Ops allows for aggregation of virtual resources, making them manageable as one single “service”, enabling multiple software, virtual and hardware resources to be managed as one pool of assets dedicated to a specific business activity.

Screen Shot

Dunes Website

Virtual Server Deployment Manager 1.3.0

Based on the concept of templates, VSDM manages the virtual library (templates and ISO images) in a simple and productive way. A “must have” tool for Virtual Server customers that manage large number of machines or need to frequently recreate images based on a master image (template).

Link to VSDM Website

Microsoft is relaxing up support for companies like VMware

Microsoft has a new updated statement about supporting non microsoft virtualization platforms. This new policies states that microsoft will make a best effort when customers have a premier support contract.

The Knowledge base article