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Oracle in a VM Distribution

Feel like being lazy? Well if you do, but do happen to need an oracle database server, well stay relaxed 🙂 Today you can download from the Oracle website a full package that will install VMware Workstation (90 eval) with Red Hat Server 3 or Novell SuSe and Oracle 10g database server!

What a great example on how Virtual Machines can help lazy people out 🙂 Oracle does also provide information on how to do all this by hand (like anyone want to, hihi).

Visit the Oracle/VMware cookbook

Automatic Vmotion before Server Fails

Dell has written a whitepaper called: “Implementing Faulttolerance through Dell OpenManage and the VMware Software Development Kit”. This whitepaper describes how to build a solution to automatically Vmotion virtual machines to other ESX servers based on load in case a server is about to fail.

This whitepaper comes with full source code (vmall.cs)!!! Fantastic solution and whitepaper.

The Open Manage – VMware integration whitepaper

HP Openview Plugin for VMware

The nworks SPI for VMware® Products extends the reach of OpenView Operations, into the world of ESX Server™. The nworks SPI for VMware Products provides distributed monitoring and management of virtualized computer, storage, and networking environments from the OpenView console. The SPI for VMware Products increases availability and performance by tracking capacity shortages and trends; thus lowering overall costs of maintaining your virtual computing environment by integrating into HP’s Adaptive Enterprise.


The nworks Smart Plug-In for VMware Products for HP OpenView continuously gathers and monitors usage data throughout your virtual computing environments. Using this information, you can quickly determine computing resource utilization and reallocate server resources to where they are needed most. nworks uses the capabilities of the HP OpenView Operations management platform to provide centralized ESX Server monitoring and management.

nworks SPI website