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VMware has released a new patch for ESX (2.0x, 2.1x and 2.5.1)

VMware ESX Server Upgrade Patch
Released: 6/20/2005

This patch includes new updates for ESX Server 2.5.1 that address the following known issues:

  • Security fix — Corrects a potential vulnerability in the RPCI mechanism used in ESX Server 2.x that may be exploited in a denial of service attack. See Knowledge Base Article 1703
  • Fixes for problems observed running on the IBM x460 — possible panics on 8-way systems and fixes to timer code, as well as updates to the service console kernel to support drivers that register controllers outside the detect routine.
  • Poor networking performance with Citrix Metaframe Application Server and Citrix License Server in a virtual machine — see Knowledge Base Article 1702
  • Virtual machines may fail to boot with a MONITOR PANIC message in the vmware.log file — see Knowledge Base Article 1701
  • To download the path, please visit the ESX Download Page

    Virtual Machine Order HOTLINE beta 1 Available

    The first beta is now available of the Virtual Machine Order HOTLINE. Experience that ordering a Virtual Machine is actually easier then ordering a PIZZA !!!!

    This first beta is functional working, but there are some limitations (that is why it is beta). Currently it can only handle one request at a time. Only support one level of Virtual Machines groups and some more. Read the README for more information.

    The VM order HOTline Project page

    Microsoft Virtual Server will not live long

    Microsoft just bought from Connectix their Virtual Server technology, but are already planning to slowly kill it and completely restart over. Microsoft understand that virtualization is best done in an operating system then as an application op top of an operating system.

    This is why Microsoft will build from nothing a new virtualization technology that will come along sometime when Longhorn R2 (~2008/2009) comes out and will try to integrate this in their operating systems.

    So if you want a robust virtualization product from Microsoft, you will have to take a very very long vacation.

    Read more about what Microsoft is saying about this in Computerworld or on The Register

    VMware launches VMTN

    VMware launched a new program today, The VMware Technology Network. This network is especially designed for people in the development community. Besides the free public forums, you can also subscribe for 299$ a year and receive most of VMware products for the use of development and testing. Besides being able to run VMware’s products, they will also offer pre-installed virtual machines on their website.

    more information, go to

    Beta1 of the Virtual Machine Order Hotline is available upon request.

    The Virtual Machine Order Hotline is a project to automate the request, creation and customization of new virtual machines. This project consists of PHP code that creates an automated webbased system for requesting new virtual machine. Not just can virtual machines be requested and created, but also the operating system AND applications within the Virtual Machine can be customized!

    Order you Virtual Machines Online

    For more information, Click here