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We are MOVED!

Well the site has moved to a new account at a different hosting provider, with much more disk space and data traffic. This will allow me to publish complete Virtual Machines on my site 🙂 So soon you can download a complete VM with a running Virtual Machine Order Hotline in it!

Also I am working on a new mind blowing project, a new piece of software that will be even more amazing then the Virtual Machine Order Hotline, so keep watching this space!

Also if you have content (Virtual Technology related) and you need a place to put it, please contact me.

The Anykey

Virtual Serial Connection

Ever wanted to connect via a serial port to a virtual machine, but not find the right cable? No worry, do it virtual 🙂

VMware Gateway is a nice pice of software that allows you to connect, using named pipes, to the serial ports of your virtual machines. Great for instance to connect to a VM running Citrix Access Gateway (Tested this and it worked great).

Go to the Vmware Gateway website

VMware will share source code with key partners

VMware, the leader in the fast-growing market for virtual machine software, plans to announce today that it will share its code with partners in an effort to make the VMware technology an industry standard.

VMware plans to share the underlying engine for its virtual machine software with Advanced Micro Devices, Cisco Systems and Red Hat, in addition to I.B.M., Intel and Hewlett-Packard. Other corporate partners may join later, VMware said.

Source: New York times

Backup Utility for VMX files

VMVBU 2.0.1 is a small program designed to backup VMX files and keep them on multiple ESX servers. Handy for Virtual Machine failover in case of a server crash.

VMVBU website