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VMware VirtualCenter 1.3 Released

VMware Virtual Center 1.3 is now also released, so people who upgraded their VMware ESX server to version 2.5.2 can now work with Virtual Center again. The main feature added in Virtual Center is Dual Core support and it works 🙂 On my own dual core server I can see now I have one processor and 2 cores, like I did not know this already 🙂

VMware releases ESX 2.5.2 and Workstation 5.5 beta

A small upgrade version of VMware ESX is available, no real new features are in the product, but mainly new hardware support including dual core support. Be careful before you upgrade, you will need Virtual Center 1.3 to connect to it and this is not yet available!

Also the Workstation 5.5 beta is launched. Workstart 5.5 is again a great release with stunning new features like; Dual Virtual SMP, guest 64bit support and support to import other disk images (like ghost and virtual pc).

Message board for VMware Scripts

A special message board to share script is online. You can find it on

The Challange of Time Keeping in Virual Machine

VMware has just released a fantastic whitepaper that in detail talks about the challanges of keeping proper time within Virtual Machines and how to address some of this problems.

On run-virtual we also have a special tool that can measure the time fluctuation within the Virtual Machine.

VMware Time Keeping Whitepaper
VMtime utility