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VMware and its coming future

VMware is clearly not sitting still. At the recent VMworld, a yearly virtualization event organized by VMware, it made some major new announcements.

First the announced the availability of the VMware Player. A Free!! piece of software that allows you to run any virtual machine on your Windows or Linux desktop. You can not create new virtual machines, you would have to use any of the commercial available software from VMware of Microsoft for this, but you can then run them on any PC without buying any additional software (excluding operating system licenses and applications). Also new to VMware Virtual Machine Center is a ‘browser application’. This is a Virtual Machine, with pre-installed Linux and web browser software. The Virtual Machine is ‘only’ 250mb large and can be run directly with the VMware Player.

Also on the server side a lot of new things are happing. VMware made public some information about their upcoming releases for VMware ESX Server and VirtualCenter. It will support larger Virtual Machines; 4 way SMP and 16GB RAM. But also a lot of new services will become available (as separate additional plug-in). 2 of these additional services will be Distributed Availability Services and Distributed Resource Scheduling. The first will make virtual machines fail-over automatically when a physical server fails. The Virtual Machines will then be powered-on on other running VMware ESX Servers. The second service will load balance Virtual Machines around based on CPU and Memory using the VMotion technology.

More information about these anouncements can be found here

Microsoft makes its Windows License Policy very Virtual Friendly!

Microsoft has annouched an updated license policy for its Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition and Longhorn Server Edition. The change will allow customers to run multiple Windows instances in Virtual Machines, while paying for only ONE license! For Windows 2003 R2, you can run up to 4 instances while paying for one, with Windows Longhorn Datacenter Edition you will be able to run inlimited versions for the price of one. Also having virtual machines stored and not powered on will not consume any licenses!

Read more about the new license policy here

FOR SALE: Virtual Machines :-)

Why buy an operating system with install disks, if you can just buy a complete build Virtual Machine. The company 4pi1 sales Virtual Machines with operating systems installed. Currently they sell all foms of Linux Virtual Machines like Fedora, Red Hat, Debian and OpenBSD but they also claim that they soon will offer Windows 98, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP!!! The Virtual Machines are available for VMware en Qemu.

The Cheapest Virtual Machines they have to offer are Puppy Lunix and Damn Small Linux, both cost $9.95.

More information Click here

New Book for German Speakers

The Book
A new book about Virtualization with VMware and Microsoft is published. The book discusses VMware GSX Server, VMware ESX Server and Microsoft Virtual Server, so it mainly focuses on the server-side use of virtualization. The book is in German only.

More info about the book, Click here