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Updated version of the Virtual Machine Order Hotline

I made a new version available of the Virtual Machine Order Hotline. It mainly contains some fixes in the soap library and how it handles the difference between one or multiple datastores and Virtual Machine groups.

I am working on making the software available in a Virtual Machine. The Virtual Machine will be around 160mb, so should be an easy download 🙂 I am also working on some new functionality in the system and make it much more customizable. So keep watching this space 🙂 If anyone happens to be a good graphic designer, please contact me if you want to help out making the system a bit more pleasant to look at.

The Virtual Machine Order Hotline Page

GUI for VMware Virtual Disk Manager

Robert D. Petruska has developed a nice front-end for the VMware Virtual Disk Manager, allowing you to map virtual disk and perform conversion operations on them. VMware Virtual Disk Manager comes standard with VMware Workstation and GSX Server but is a command line program only, so most users are not aware of it, as it does not install an Icon in your windows menu. This Front-End GUI application allows you to use this great utility much better.

Virtual Disk Factory

Robert’s website