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So how populair is a VMware Specialist

Are you a VCP? How unique is that or more imporant how valuable is that? Well world wide there are around 3.500 VCPs, so compared to the world wide population, if you are one, you are quite unique πŸ™‚

But then the second question, how valuable is that. Well I did a search on monsterboard and compared how many job opportunities there are compared to some other software companies.

Country VMware Citrix Linux Novell Microsoft
UK 17 147 388 44 1000+
Netherlands 11 159 305 69 1000+
Belgium 25 74 214 28 542
France 12 55 305 15 405
Norway 8 14 18 2 47
USA 358 1000+ 1000+ 938 1000+
Canada 33 54 378 28 1000+

Source: MonsterBoard

So clearly the results show that the demand (according to monsterboard) for VMware is still quite low. There are only 2 countries where VMware did not end last; Norway and Canada. I was amazed (with all respect to Novell) to see how much demand there still is for Novell people, but I assume steam locomotive drivers are still popular today then as well.

What did amaze me was the high score for Belgium. In size not a very large country and compared to the other companies, VMware jobs do very well there. So I guess if you want a good career with VMware, move to Belgium.

Could it be that VMware technology is just easy, so people do not need trained staff? Well personally I do not believe that. So the conclusion I can make based on these numbers is that the majority of companies are not yet seriously rolling out VMware project yet. Let’s review this in a few months time again πŸ™‚

More Virtual Machines thanks to the Community

The concept of distributing an application thru a complete installed virtual machine is great ofcourse and thanks to open licensing of some linux distributions more complete virtual machines are comming to life. The VMTN site from VMware is not posting a list of the Virtual Machines created by the community.

Soon you will also find on this site a complete virtual machine, with the Virtual Machine Order Hotline running in it πŸ™‚

If you have created a cool virtual machine, that legally can be distributed, feel free to drop me a note and I can publish it on this website.

Check out the community virtual machine