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New API with the beta2 release of VMware Server

Today VMware has updated the VMware Server software to Beta 2, build 22872. One new feature is that the VMware Server Console can now also connect to GSX server 3 hosts. Mmm, ok not a major feature. One more interesting things is that VMware Server is going to have its own API! This beta2 release includes a ‘technology preview’ of the VMware Server C API.

The VMware Server C API
This new API is specially designed for VMware Server and does not apply to any other VMware products. The API allows you to do the following actions:

  • Connect / Disconnect to Host
  • Find Items (virtual machines) on a host
  • Create a shapshot of a VM and check how many snapshots there are
  • Remove or revert to a snapshot
  • Delete a VM from your host
  • Open a virtual machine
  • Power on, off, suspend or reset a VM
  • Upgrade the virtual machine’s hardware
  • Read out errors
  • Read more here about this new release.

    VMware TSX is Full :-)

    Well in a few weeks from now it is going to happen, the European VMware TSX event. This time we had planned for 400 to 500 people and guess what. We have 500 registrations!!! We are allowing a little bit extra, but if you want to attend this Technical Event, I would highly suggest you register ASAP. The agenda is looking awesome and there will be some great speakers.

    If you still want to come, register here (if still possible)

    Not just on the attendees, but also on the solution partners side we are oversubscribed. There will be 16 solutions partners presenting their solutions. All these solutions partners claim to make awesome solutions for the virtualization segment, so I am really looking forward to learn from them what they do and hope many will demonstrate their products.

    Eventough I am stressed out on all the work to make TSX happen, I am really looking forward to next edition 🙂 See you all there.

    Next MacOS to include Virtualization Software :-)

    According to reliable sources is the next MacOS “Leopard” ready for virtualization. This should allow users to run osX and Windows at the same time 🙂

    MacosXrumors is telling this news and often they have been right. Read more about it here

    Important VirtualCenter Patch!

    VMware just released a patch for VirtualCenter 1.3. It addresses a rare, but serious problem invlolving data-loss with cold migrations (while VM is off). The issue happens when a network failure occurs at the same time of the cold-migration. Assuming that you do not like loosing your virtual machine data, VMware is recommending all their customers to upgrade to this latest patch, including VC 1.1 and VC 1.2 customers.

    You can download the patch here

    VMware Technical Solutions eXchange

    Do you want to learn more about Virtualization Solutions? On April 27 and April 28 you can attend the VMware Technical Solution eXchange (TSX). This event is for technical people only and you will have more then 20 tracks to choose from. The tracks will discuss in-depth the upcoming VMware products, hosting desktops on ESX servers, troubleshooting, programming and much more. This event will be held in Disneyland, France and is open for anyone technical to attend.

    For more information about VMware TSX visit

    Later this year VMware will also organize this event in the USA, more information will follow for this event.

    VM Hotline Demo Movie

    Well, I am just an amateur movie maker and I am bold, so I really do not know why I am exposing myself like 🙂 I made this movie a while ago to demonstrate my software to my colleagues, or that they can just laugh at me. I know I look like mister egg head, so you can keep those comments to yourself. hihi.

    The movie demonstrates the sample code to have a ‘pizza ordersystem’ for virtual machines. The code of course you can also find on this site. Please keep in mind, the code is just for demo purpose only. I would defenitly not consider it production ready. I am working on a new version which will be more solid, but I am writing this against the upcoming ESX3/VC2 products. So we have to wait for that to first come out.

    Have fun watching the movie!

    You find the movie here

    p.s. I am considering starting a VideoBlog about virtualization. Discuss like new products and all other news. If you think you would be interested in watching this kind of stuff, drop me a email or note. If I feel people would not consider me crazy, I will consider it 🙂

    VMware ESX3 and VC2 beta program reopend!

    Interested in testing the new upcoming software from VMware? Well you can join the beta program again and get a beta copy of VMware ESX3 and VirtualCenter 2. The new products are really looking great and offer many new features.

    To sign up for the beta visit;

    VMware Virtual Machine Importer 2 in Beta!

    If you ever want to run your physical servers in a Virtual Machine, or have Virtual Machines from other products, you can convert them into VMware Virtual Machines. This is done with the free VMware Virtual Machine Importer.

    A new version is underdevelopment and VMware has made a beta available for people interested. This version 2.0 adds the following:

  • Import virtual machines into VMware products from various formats
  • Including Symantec LiveState, and Microsoft Virtual PC/Server images
  • Support for the latest VMware product sources & destinations
  • Including beta versions of VMware Server 1.0, ESX Server 3.0, and VirtualCenter 2.0
  • Updated capabilities for transforming physical images restored into virtual disks to be compatible with virtual hardware
  • Easy to use graphical wizard interface
  • Do access the new beta software, click here

    VMware ESX3 and VC2 Tips and tricks

    Hello Everyone,

    If you are one of the lucky ESX3 / VirtualCenter2 beta testers, I have some tips and tricks for you. I just recently started playing with the new software, so the list is still short, but I am sure I will have more over time. Also if you have been playing with it and found some cool stuff, please le me know and I will add them to the list. By the time the products are actually released I hope to have a nice long interesting tips and tricks document for it 🙂

    The ESX3 / VirtualCenter Tips and Tricks page

    Path 4 for ESX 2.5.2 released

    Wow, path 4 for ESX 2.5.2 is released. I am still impressed how few patches this software needs. The patch contains:

  • an updated e1000 driver
  • updated VMware Tools for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 update2
  • fix for Nic Teaming switchs that use beacon monitoring
  • fix for some ASSERT statement so that the server does not crash
  • The patch will automatically also apply the previous patches 1,2 and 3.

    The Patch