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Xen against Xen – Is paravirtualization dead?

VirtualIron, one of the companies using XEN as a base for their own virtualization software wrote an interesting article about how interesting paravirtualization really is. Paravirtualization makes operating systems aware that they are running as a virtual machine and therefore should not try to access any hardware componenrs (that are normally emulated by other full virtualization products like microsoft and vmware) but use an API to execute I/O and memory operations.

The article discusses the practical use of paravirtualization and if it is really worth modifing the operating systems. You can read the article here

Part I of the PHP – VI3 Programming course released

Well I finally took the time to write down my first experience with the new SDK for VMware Infrastructre 3. In this first part you can read about the basic commands to connect and login. Also you can download a virtual machine that will setup your environment to do some programming yourself and there is a simpe sample application that comes with it.

This simple example application uses the SDK to check all running virtual machines and query how much free disk space they have within the VM. An query that VirtualCenter today does not do but is possible using the SDK.

Read the PART I or the PHP programming course here

Microsoft offering unlimited Virtual Machine Licensing for Windows Datacenter

Microsoft already earlier announced that they would only charge a license per 4 windows 2003R2 running virtual machines. Now they are making it even more simpler. For customers that buy a Windows Server Datacenter Edition, they can run an unlimited number of Windows Server Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter virtual machines on a single physical server. I guess buying a big machine suddenly might become more interesting again 🙂

Read the Microsoft article here