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VMware Mac beta product goes live to make it as Xmas present :-)

Today the VMmware Mac product, codenamed Fusion went live with the public beta program, so anyone with an Intel Mac can now enjoy also the power of virtualization, with full USB2 support, fullscreen and automatic windows resizing, drag and drop and much more….

Thank you Santa!

Download VMware Fusion

After the good, come the bad :-)

Well Virtual Appliances are really hitting on, not just with the ordinary folks, but also in the hacking community. A virtual appliance has been made by hackers to run as Microsoft Activation server. The Virtual Image is based on VMware’s virtual machine format.

News Article: Pirates crack Vista Activation Server

Using VMware Server as Fallback server for ESX environments

If you want to use VMware Server as fallback server for Virtual Machines orginally running on ESX 2.x servers, you encounter a small hurdle; the different disk formats. Dennis Zimmer from has written a simple convertion program to help you with this.

Convert GUI

You can download the Convert program here