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Virtualization jobs

Well a recent overview reviewed that Virtualization experts are making more money then ‘normal’ IT staff, Jippie 🙂 At least we are in the right business. More money is more gadgets in live 🙂

Well to help companies find virtualization specialists, or if you are looking for a job in the virtualization space, run-virtual is willing to help you find each other 100% for free.

So visit the new job section on run-virtual if you are looking to make more money to buy more gadgets 🙂

New VMware Infrastructure 3 demo video

If you have not seen the VMware Infrastructure 3 software, well I and my friend Jeremy made a nice demo video about it 🙂

VI3 Demo video

You can watch / download the video by going to:

or watch it on YouTube:

The Next VMware Technical Solutions eXchange (TSX)

Well if you are technical orientated, like virtualization and live in Europe, you might want to put April 3 to 5 in your agenda 🙂 This is when the next VMware TSX event will be held in the lovely town of Nice in France. This will be the 5th TSX held in Europe and it will be the largest pure technical virtualization event in the World. There is room for 1.000 Attendees coming from end users, resellers and distributors.

This year a lot of sessions will be presented by Engineers from VMware that are specially flying over for the event. So you can learn in-depth about topics from the people who actually wrote the software 🙂 Besides technical tracks there will also be hands-on Labs. This will be the 3 day event to learn about what is going on with Virtualization, not just with VMware but lots of other companies that have solutions for virtualization will be present.

The website to register for TSX will go live soon, but for now you can at least already save the dates in your agenda.

Hope to see you in Nice.

VDI – Overview. What is it?

Patrick Rouse wrote a nice article describing what Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is and what components are needed to form such solutions. It talked about the ways how you can use VDI and what the benefits are.

VDI is getting better know by the general public, especially now big companies like Citrix offer their own customer free connection broker software packages so they can implement VDI with easy and a low cost.

Read Patrick’s article here