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New Tool: Virtual Mac Address management

If you need to keep Mac address persistent but finding problems with this… we have a new tool for you 🙂 Rob has written a Virtual Mac management tool that allows you easily to manage the MAC addresses of your virtual machine’s NICs.

Go to the Virtual Mac Tool page.

Excellent overview of some of the VDI Connection brokers

VDI is getting more and more populair, but if you want to use the VDI concept in a medium to large environment you most likely require a connection broker to handle the session connections, but which one do you choice? Massimo has been working on a nice overview list.

The VDI Connection Broker overview list

Dell is posting VMmark results for their Poweredge servers

Dell has recently measured various configurations of two- and four-socket PowerEdge servers running VMware ESX Server 3 using a beta version of the VMmark benchmark. The graphs shows a 4-socket PowerEdge 6950 with dual-core AMD Opteron processors has 57% higher virtualization performance than a 2-socket PowerEdge 2950 with dual-core Intel Xeon series 5100 processors. The 2-socket PowerEdge 2900 with new quad-core Intel Xeon 5300 series processors shows 51% better performance. Equally impressive, all three 8-core servers were able to support the same number of heavily-loaded virtual machines.

Read the full report here

VMware Fusion + 3D Graphics = It Rocks!

Ok, i already liked the VMware Fusion product, it is VMware’s only consumer product (to be) and really sets a high standard. Have a look at this video, it show how well Fusion can do 3D graphic acceleration. It Rulezzz!

Windows games running in full 3D on Mac OS with VMware Fusion
Go to the news story and support this cool video by digging it

Want to own a bit of VMware?

Well soon you can. EMC is planning on doing an individual IPO for 10% of VMware. So this summer you can buy some stock in VMware and enjoy the growth of this industry.

More details about the IPO you can read here