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VMware EMEA TSX sessions posted

Well 2 weeks from now the 5th VMware EMEA TSX will start in lovely Nice, France. I have been working hard to organize this event, this might explain the few post on run-virtual. But I can say with a confident feeling that the 5th TSX will be an unique experience. Just some stats for you: We will have a 1.000 actual attendees! (a bit scary, but should be great for networking), there are 25 solutions partners present on the exhibition floor. There will be an excellent line of top presenters from VMware, key product manager, principal engineers and senior support staff.

You can find an overview of all the 50 sessions and 4 hands-on labs on

See you in soon in Nice 🙂

Live in Belgium?

The Belgium VMware usergroup is organizing their 3rd meetup March 21st. The usergroup is run independently by end users (not controlled by VMware), but of course VMware will offer speakers at these events. I will for instance be presenting at this usergroup 🙂

More information:
The Belgium Usergroup

Other usergroups

New V2V -> Virtual to Visio :-)

Veeam, the company that makes lots of nice virtualization tools just released a V2V (Virtual to Visio) tool. Yep, this is for all you lazy admins, consultants and other techies. Build your VI3 environment, and let the Veeam Reporter nicely document it for you in Microsoft Visio 🙂

Check out the Veeam Reporter website

VMware ACE 2.0 Public Beta

Did you ever want to run a save and secured virtual environment on your local machines? Well if so, you really should have a look at the upcoming release of VMware ACE 2.0. Today VMware made the beta program publicly available.

Some key new features:

  • Linux support as host OS
  • A central management server to control the policies (= a virtual appliance)
  • fine grained USB device control and lockout
  • PocketACE – designed to run your VM of you memory stick or iPod
  • ACE 2.0 being based on Workstation 6 !!! 🙂
  • You can download ACE 2.0 here

    New Video: Showing the upcoming version of Longhorn

    Jeff from Microsoft has created a short demonstration video, showing off their upcoming virtualization software with the Windows “Core” kernel. The kernel shows it self as a simple dos prompt interface, great for the keyboard lovers out there (like myself). I do have to give credit to Microsoft for having cool titles within the company, Jeff is their “ELITE” program manager! Wow, I wish I was elite.

    Video: Longhorn – Windows Server Virtualization

    The video does not show too much features, but have to say the interface looks good. I think VirtualCenter will have a good competitor with the System Center Virtual Machine Manager (besides that the name is way too long). I do like how Microsoft compares things, when showing their 8 way VSMP, Jeff explains “not even the top competitor can do”, not sure which competitor he is talking about 🙂 but is he not showing a product Microsoft also today does not have?

    The video also shows a SuSe Enterprise 10 Linux VM running, which is nice for the linux people to know they will have freedom of choice as well. Jeff also claims that the Virtual Machine manager can do P2V and Live Migrations, but doesn’t show this. Maybe it is not interesting enough as the “top competitor already has this” or they are still writing the code 🙂

    I guess I should have been a movie critic 🙂 I did just watch Music and Lyrics and have to give that one a 9, just frustrated why all movies only have MACs in them and when he is recording his keyboard sounds they show WAV files… hello, no one in hollywood know anything about computers. O well… Enjoy the Microsoft movie alone and take your girl friend to Music and Lyrics. (Sorry I am assuming I am talking to a male only audience… any girls listening?)