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Script: List all VM’s in a Cluster

As a result of the SDK Programming Lab at TSX in Nice, I (Jeremy van Doorn) received a request from someone if it was possible to list all Virtual Machines in a Cluster. With the SDK, this can of course be done, but it might not be obvious to everyone just how …

I had some free time tonight and wrote a very small script that prints the VM’s in the Cluster that you specify. There is one small issue however -> I only have one ESX host in my environment, so I cannot test if the script actually works with multiple hosts, clusters, etc. If you can, please test the script and let me know what you think …

You can download the script here. (remember: you need the VI Perl Toolkit be able to run this script)

We have also created a new project page, where we will store more sample scripts that utilize the VI3 Perl Toolkit.

VMware TSX Summary report

Well after some busy weeks, VMware TSX EMEA 2007 is behind us. I am probably the worst person to report on how TSX went, as I mainly was busy with the organization. I did hear many nice good comments (except about the food) about the event and I did like the atmosphere during the event. I think the crowd of TSX is amazing, truly an unique bunch of technies who are seriously interested in virtualization.

I did have time to shoot an interview with Mike and Scott (writers of the advanced ESX book) being interviewed by Alessandro ( The interview gives a good inside about how challenging it is to write a technical book, i hope you enjoy the interview.

There are a lot more reports about VMware, here a short overview:

8 session summaries on

Part 1 and part 2 of a summary written by alessandro
Nice Pictures @ TSX
Lots of audio interviews with people and speakers at TSX by Eric Sloof

See you next year at TSX 🙂