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For the Lazy Virtualization Administrator – Automatic Virtualization Documentation

Do you install and configure Virtualization environments? Nice, you should be enjoying your job 🙂 But often when you installed everything there is the boring task of writing everything down in documentation.

Because everything is virtual, it is easy to gather all kinds of information about it. Automating the documentation process is even that popular that at last TSX event in Nice, the winner of the “coolest idea” competition was for an automatic documentation system.

Well Automatic Documentation for Virtual Infrastructures exists!

Magnus from Sweden has written an Application called “viDocIT” that can generate reports about the entire configuration of your (vmware) virtual infrastructure. The report is fully customizable, so you setup what kind of documentation you want once and just re-use this over and over (it also comes with a good pre-made template). viDocIT creates text only information reports.

Veeam Reporter 2.0
Veeam just released a new version of their Reporter tool. This tool allows you to create more types of reports than viDocIT, like Word, Excel, PDF and Visio, but does not allow you to customize what the report look like.

Both products are commercial software, viDocIT is charged per customer ($349 USD), while veeam charges per managed CPU (94.45 Euros) for their reporter tools. (Funny that a virtualization tool uses a crappy definition of ‘per CPU’, let’s assume they mean per physical socket).

If you are not good yourself at programming using the VMware SDK, both products are nice options. If you are a consultant, both companies offer special pricing for you.

Website viDocIT
Website Veeam Reporter

Add extra functionality to your VirtualCenter !

Well after some days of programming, i am happy to release the first version of VCplus. A program that adds functionality to your VirtualCenter environment! It allows you to see what the actual disk usage is within your Virtual Machines, Easily see if a Virtual Machine has a snapshot and what the size of the snapshot files are and it allows you to sync the VM’s DNS name to the Display Name.

Screenshot of VCplus

The VCplus download page

VMware Fusion Beta 4 released introducting Unity!!!! WOW!!!!

Today the world of computers has become a better place! Well at least for me, as I am a happy 24″ iMac owner. VMware has released a new beta of their Mac product Fusion, introducing a new feature Unity, which allows you to run Windows application seamlessly integrated into your Mac environment (without having a full windows frame around it), like seamless windows from Citrix or the Parallel’s feature. BUT!!!! is does not just hide the rest of windows, everything else is integrated, start windows app fom the fusion menu, launch windows apps using a special finder.

Ok, go get a napkin, sit down and relax.. ready to come? go watch this: