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Cisco will also purchase a large share in the VMware IPO

Before VMware is making its IPO available to the public, Intel planned on buying a large some of the initial available stocks. Now Cisco is following Intel’s example and will purchase $150 million is VMware shares. VMware also agreed to Cisco to consider the appointment of a Cisco executive into the VMware’s board of directors.

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Want to go on virtual VMware Holiday?

Well the summer is coming.. isn’t it? I have only seen rain here in London, so for those crappy summer days at home, you can go on a virtual summer holiday trip online and enjoy the hundreds of VMware websites that are out there! is offering hundreds of links all categorized on subject for you. There are also some really nice top 10 listings. So if you are staying at home this summer and want to be the VMware specialist by Autumn enjoy the surfing on