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Why is Microsoft so naief?

… and all the other ISVs?

I have been working now for more then 4 years for VMware and have seen the industry adopting virtualization in the x86 space. VMware has grown out to be the marketleader in that space and because of that been a lot under fire from people seeing VMware as the big bad dominating company, but the success of Virtualization (no matter what hypervisor is involved) is not in the hands of VMware. To have a mass adoption of virtualization is not about technical solutions. I frequently speak to customers and they like the technologies that are out there, but everytime the topic of Software support and licensing comes up.

In a recent Q&A interview with Microsoft, Mike Neil – General Manager of Virtualization within Microsoft talks about how Microsoft is supporting their software for Virtualization. He explains that there is windows licensing schemes available that support things like live migration (vmotion). But customers do not run Windows to just run windows! They run windows to run Applications! The things that really give us the functionality. Microsoft has make good steps with the operating system, but none of their application have a virtualization friendly license policy. It is like making a car that can drive on the road, but has no seats in it for the actual passengers.

Traditionally hardware vendors have always been the slow adapters in the IT industry and software vendors the quick adopting ones, but this time round – with the virtualization hype – it is the hardware vendors who have been supporting virtualization from the beginning and still today very very few software vendors have made policies that apply to the new virtualization world.

ISVs WAKE UP! making license policies that state “per cpu” or per “machine” need to go to the museum! What CPU or Machine are we talking about, real CPUs? real Machines? The amount a grey area is so large it is amazing at all customers are moving forward with adopting this whole trend in general.

I know supporting an application that might run in a Virtual Machine is scary.. I watched the Matrix and virtual world in general are scary. But look at things like Second Life, even in such a scary alter virtual world, organizations and government institutions are adjusting and presenting themselves in those places.

Let’s all stop being naief, Virtualization is here to stay, no matter who will own the hypervisor, so ISVs get your act together and join the virtualization revolution! Feel free to continue bitching about how VMware is dominating the market, but please can we all also start throwing tomatoes at the ISVs!!

Confirmed: Citrix buys XenSource

Today Citrix has made the announcement that they have come to a definite agreement to buy XenSource for around $500 million in cash and stocks. The actual deal will be done in Q4 this year.

The original Citrix Press release

VMware Fusion Available this Monday!

VMware Fusion

Finally after months of waiting, VMware will release this Monday VMware Fusion to the public. I attended this week a press launch for Fusion in the Apple Briefing Center in central London where I was joined with lots of other interested journalists from consumer magazines up to corporate press. It is nice to see that Apple related products get such a high and wide attention. I am myself a very happy 23″ iMac user and love having Fusion running on it, especially with the awesome Unity capability.

Apple Briefing Center

The interest in Fusion has been big. VMware has recorded 250.000 download since the first beta launch. The product will ship this Monday for $79.99 for the Americans, 79 Euros or 49 UK Pounds for the people in Europe. Not sure who is doing the exchange rate program at VMware, but like most IT products, we in Europe get screwed everytime.

You can clearly tell Fusion is not just a port of the windows VMware products, but the interface really has been written from ground up making it very easy for existing Mac users to work with this product. The virtualization layer itself is the core virtualization layer you also find in Workstation 6, giving you all the latest and fastest technologies like Virtual SMP (giving up to 2 processors to your VM), 64bit support, 3d support (experimental directX 8.1).

The best thing i like is that all hardware in my Mac can be accessed from within the VMs, like my iSight, bluetooth, battery monitor, etc. Like most Europeans I am a big MSN fan, and the MSN on Mac just sucks. It for instance does not support WebCams. So now I can seamlessly using Unity run MSN in my Mac and have full support to do webcam conversations.

To round up, if you still want the Fusion product for cheap, pre-order this weekend! and also a good reason to buy a 23″ iMac for yourself, I can highly recommend it 🙂