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Running Citrix ontop of VMware – An independent review

Redmond magazine just published an interesting article where they tested running Citrix Presentation Servers as Virtual Machines on VMware. By running 8 instances of Virtual Machines they where running close to 140 simultaneous sessions.

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Funny pro-Virtualization video

Matthew, a former want-to-be actor, moved into IT working with VMware used his previous acting skills to make this movie:

VMware introduces ESX 3i

ESX 3i

One of the cool things VMware showed this week at VMworld is ESX 3i. ESX 3i is the version of ESX that only run on the VMkernel without the service console (the big linux component). This makes ESX 3i a real single purpose OS only (to run virtual machines), reducing its foot print and increasing reliability and security.

ESX 3i will be integrated in server hardware coming from HP, Dell, IBM, FSC, NEC and more. The servers do not need local storage anymore as they boot from internal flash sticks.

The real cool thing I like about ESX 3i is that it has support for SATA disks!! meaning it runs on your notebook 🙂 Jippie!!!! I have successfully tested ESX 3i on my older Dell laptop and it works awesome on my IBM x60. The IBM has a really good SATA controller, that by default is not even supported by Windows XP, but ESX 3i has no problem what so ever with it 🙂 Also the notebook NICs seem no problem for ESX 3i.

VMware has given all attendees at VMworld a memory stick with ESX 3i on it, so they all can have good fun with it. If you are going to try it yourself, be carefull when you start creating VMFS partitions that you do not accidentally delete your windows partitions.

VMworld report on US television

The San Francisco news broadcast a report about the insane 10.000+ attendee VMworld event.

Watch it here