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VMJuggler 1.0 released

Well I had a lot of fun with the VMJuggler program at TechED in Barcelona and many people asked me if I could make the program available. Before I could release it publicly I had to make some small improvements to it and I hope the program will work well for most of you out there that have asked for it.

Goto VMJuggler download page.

First one to get 1 million vmotions and send me a screenshot (no cheating) will get a small price 🙂

VMworld Europe 2008 – Open for registration

February 26st, 2008 is the first VMworld Europe in Cannes, France. We are very busy with all the preparations for this event, making sure we can deliver good quality sessions, have a great representation of the Virtualization Industry at the event, etc.

Well today is the opening of the VMworld Europe website ( and the opening of the registration for the event.

We will have seats for 3.000 actual attendees, the building will not really allow for much more, so there is a very high change we will sell out completely, so if you want to attend, register as soon as possible.

In Europe we have always been running TSX, a VMware virtualization event mainly targeted at the VCPs (VMware Certified Professionals). TSX ‘died’, but even more technical sessions and Labs will be available at VMworld Europe, so this will be an absolute improvement. Sure all techie people now need to learn to mix with less techie people, but I am sure we will all cope 🙂

VMworld Europe will have around 90 unique sessions covering all segments of the virtualization (x86) industry. We have chosen for a bit less sessions then the previous VMworld event in San Francisco (250 sessions) as we will have all sessions repeated at least 2 times. There will be no pre-registration for the sessions you want to attend, all sessions will work on a first-come, first-serve basis, but with the repeats of sessions, you should easily be able to see most (if not all) of the session you are interested in.

Besides sessions, there will of course also be hands-on labs, where you can get hands-on experience with some of the virtualization products/components.

More information about the actual sessions and labs will follow.

Hope to see you all in Cannes 🙂

VMjuggler: 5 Days of TechED, 10.000 vMotions later….

The last 5 days I attended Microsoft TechED in Barcelona answering questions to the 5.000 attendees on the VMware booth. We really wanted to show the Microsoft minded crowd that running Microsoft Windows applications in (VMware) virtual machines works fast, stable and manageable. For the show I created a Windows 2003 64 bit virtual machine and installed Microsoft SQL 2005 in it. This virtual machine was placed together with some 100 other virtual machines on our 6 server ESX environment. I then hit the SQL server with DBhammer to simulate on average 150 sql clients accessing the database, doing around 1.200 queries a second.

We wanted to show the audience that a Server like this, can be moved around physical boxes (using VMotion), without any downtime of the SQL server, so I wrote a small application called the VMjuggler. This application would initiate a live migration of my Virtual SQL server every 10 seconds to another physical server. The VMotion process itself took around 10 seconds, then waited 10 seconds to be moved again. After the 5 days the SQL virtual machine hopped server more then 10.000 times, with out issues what so ever… well at least not on the VMware software side of things. As I am still a non professional developer myself, my VMjuggler application sometimes died on me, but SQL was still up and running, VirtualCenter has zero complains and DBhammer was still happily doing fake credit card transactions into my test database.

Running this demo really allowed us to explain to our visitors that VMware is more then just a hypervisor company, actually most of the software we develop is about solving ordinary IT problems like data protection, resource management, availability, security, provisioning, etc, we just like to use the virtualized architecture to create these solutions.


Funnily enough a few people asked if they can buy/get the VMjuggler application. Not sure why someone wants to use this in the real world, unless they needed to proof to their own bosses that virtual machines really can be load balanced around many physical server without any problems. So I will fix some small bugs in the application this coming week and will make the application available to you all. Let’s see who can get the first 1 million vmotions on a virtual machine 

Thanks to all the people visiting the VMware booth, I enjoyed having lots of nice conversations and discussions with you all.