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VMword Europe – Session introduction videos

Hello Everyone,

Well I hope you are already aware of the VMworld Europe Event that is starting on February 26th in Cannes, France. I am really looking forward to the event and think we will have a really great week in Cannes with awesome sessions, great hands-on labs, a very large exhibition show floor with many exhibitor and of course a great party!!

We have made some introduction videos of presenters that will be coming to the event. You can watch them here:
VMworld Europe Videos

See you in Cannes!

New Free tool: VMtools Checker

Mightycare, a german reseller, has release a new free utility to get an overview of all your virtual machines and the status of the VMware tools in all the VMS. It also allows you then to easily change the setting if the VM has time synchronization via VMware Tools.

Mightycare download page

Microsoft buys Calista (Remote Display Technology) – With Video Demo

Today Microsoft announced that they have acquired Calista Technologies and funny enough that they are strengthening their relationship with Citrix Systems. The need to express the strong relationship with Citrix is possibly needed to not scare Citrix off to much with the acquisition of Calista as they make a remote display protocol designed for multi media that goes way beyond the Citrix ICA protocol. Calista uses the graphic video card processors (GPUs) on both client and server to get a very compressed rich media stream across, without using any of the normal CPU processing power.

See calista in the works:

We probably will learn more about what Microsoft is doing in the virtualization space tomorrow at the Microsoft Virtualization Deployment Summit.

VMworld Europe – Breakout Sessions and Hands-on Lab information

5 weeks and counting… The first VMworld Europe is going to happen 🙂 The event planning is going very well and I am really excited about the content. We currently have 81 Solution Sponsors confirmed that will attend at the exhibit floor and 34 of them will also deliver a break out presentation. Going to VMworld Europe will therefor be much more then just about VMware, but pretty much the whole virtualization industry will be present.

We will have 9 hands-on labs at the event, from which 4 are instructor-led and 5 self-paced. Last week the online session catalog went live, so you can now see a selection of the presentations that will be given at the event. Not all sessions are published yet, but the list is growing every day.

Check out the online VMworld Europe Session catalog

VMware buys Thinstall

Life gets better every day 🙂 VMware provides you with great quality Virtual Hardware and now will start allowing you to also give great quality apps in that hardware 🙂

There is a 58 minute long demonstration movie on the page that demonstrates the Thinstall product.

VMware Thinstall on or Thinstall website

How Microsoft will Manage VMware

As you probably know, Microsoft has said that the Microsoft SCVMM vNext product, due some time after Hyper-V, will manage VMware. Well Rakesh Malhotra (the Group Program Manager for SCVMM) has posted on his blog an article that gives more information about it, also promising soon to be followed with some screenshots.

Rakeshm’s Blog