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VMWORLD EUROPE – What a week!

Wow, what a week it has been! The last days has been amazing! I want to thank everyone that came to Cannes this week. The last weeks I have not spend lots on run-virtual as all my attention was given to vmworld, but I am happy to say the ‘event planner’ days for me are over (at least for now), I am happy to return back to focusing on what is going on in this great technology industry instead of being some event planner 🙂 Hopefully soon I can join the club of plug-in creators 🙂

The Labs Area
Being so closely involved with the organization of the event, I am probably the worst person to judge how you all found/enjoyed the event. I personally loved the lab rooms space with the orange carpets. Instead of placing the servers in the lab rooms, we decided to create a nice looking server room. I explained to my (non technical) marketing colleague that people actually would come and just stand at the server room and enjoy the view as all the servers together would look really nice… I do not think she understand this concept as she laughed at me and started the whole “you are such a geek thing”

The Lab Servers at VMWORLD EUROPE

Well if you did not have the chance to come to cannes this week, no worry, you can already watch the keynote sessions online and next week we will start posting the content for the breakout sessions. 16 of the popular breakout sessions where video recorded so you can completely (re)experience those sessions.

VMworld Progress Update

Hello everyone,

Sorry I have not been blogging too much lately as I have spend a lot of time on the VMworld Europe project. Things are going well, we are at max capacity with the sponsors and there are only a handfull of tickets still available, so I think we will be sold out before the event starts.

The last week and still the days to come me and lots of VMware System Engineers are building the hands-on labs. We are shipping 6 racks from the UK, 1 Rack from France and 3 Racks from the US (by plane!) to accomodate all the kit we need to run the 9 hands-on labs.

The UK Lab kit

Some of the labs will still be running with ‘beta’ software, like the SRM (Site Recovery Manager) lab and LifeCycleManager Lab, so also exiting to see how it runs on many servers at the same time.
In total I think we will be bringing +100 servers and +50 TB of storage so should be fun… hoping the airconditioning (which one?) will go ok and the building can provide us with all this power 🙂

Part of the Lab Team

See you all (i hope) in Cannes!