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Is Microsoft really that stupid…

Or are they just playing for stupid???

Today I was reading a blog post on the Windows Virtualization Team Blog, on their 3rd story about Microsoft’s Quick Migration and VMware’s VMotion. It is just too funny to see how Microsoft is dealing with a lack of functionality. According to their research customers are not changing their patterns, even when they have the option to manage physicals hosts in their environments during the day without any form of downtime for their Virtual Machines, they (according to Microsoft research) still want to delay physical server maintenance till the evening hours. Thanks to this research Microsoft is claiming that being able to move virtual machines around physical servers is really not something useful to have. The thing that really amazes me is that I see Microsoft (and others) often make assumptions based on the old-fashion one-app-per-one-physical-box time era. Please wake up! Virtualization is a Disruptive Technology… You shouldn’t be working in the wonderful world of IT is you are not willing to move forward (at least in my opinion). I do know for a fact lot’s of customers are using VMotion (or live migration) in production… sometimes helping them to do server maintenance… and really daring and probably red bull drinking extreme sport IT managers even try this during the middle of the day…

But guess what… the ability to move virtual machines while running without downtime solves MORE then just silly hardware maintenance!!! It creates an environment where workloads can actively be rebalanced so you can better serve your application needs and the end-users using them. And I am sure this new innovative (well at least 3 years ago when it came out) technology is being welcomed by many extreme sport red bull drinking IT managers  It is even better to see that technology is not sitting still again… Storage VMotion, a recent released technology, now-a-days also allows you to dynamically balance storage across different tiers of storage as well (No, Microsoft, this is not just a feature to help prevent storage hardware maintenance). With a bit of patient we will get our hands on the continuous availability technology VMware has demonstrated at VMworld events where a VM can be continuously replicated across a simple network cable, so that when a server does die on you, the VM will keep on running without a hickup… Long live innovation… for the IT people preferring to maintain their hardware in the evenings… I guess you must not live in a neighborhood like mine with a nice strip club 

P.S. Just to clarify, before everyone flames me, yes I work for VMware… But I work for technology, not for a company, so I choose to work for VMware because I like their technology (I am free to switch jobs any time I like). No one in VMware asked me to write this and feel free to comment if you disagree or agree  you might even convince me to apply for a job at Microsoft 

The Microsoft Article

VMware releases new Virtual Disk Development Kit 1.0

VMware has released this week a new toolkit for virtual disk management that is looking very promising.

The VDDK provides easy access to virtual disk storage. This enables a wide range of solutions including:

  • Creation of virtual machine disk files to store backup of physical images.
  • Read access to virtual disk to enable off-line centralized scanning of virtual machines for anti-virus.
  • Write access to virtual disk to enable off-line centralized patching of virtual machines.
  • Read access to virtual disk to enable off-line software package analysis of virtual machines.
  • The new API supports managing two kinds of disks; Managed Disks (local virtual diskfiles) and Hosted Disk (virtual disk files on you ESX/VMFS systems). This means the API will allow you to access disks remotely and opens a low of new opportunities for companies making virus scanning software, backup, forensic, etc.

    More on the new API:
    The Virtual Disk API Programming guide
    The Virtual Disk Development Kit Homepage

    New Free tool: StorageView

    Mightycare Solutions, a consulting company out of germany, released a new extra utility for your VMware Virtual environments. It addresses (like run-virtual’s own VCplus application) the lack of VirtualCenter not doing anything with the available disk information inside VMs.

    Mightycare download page

    VMware Workstation 6.5 Unity Feature demo

    On Gabes Virtual World you can see a nice demonstration (video) of the new unity feature in the workstation product. VMware Fusion was the first product to introduce this ‘seamless’ windows in the VMware product line, but it has now also moved into the workstation product 🙂