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New free tool to automatically check the Security of your ESX servers and Virtual Machines

Tripwire to released Tripwire ConfigCheck for VMware ESX

Tripwire ConfigCheck is a lightweight version of Tripwire Enterprise For VMware ESX Server —a security and compliance-checking application designed to evaluate large server installations. Tripwire ConfigCheck is designed to sift through the hundreds of configuration settings within VMware’s ESX Server and identify those that are not set according to VMware’s recommendations.

The new tool also provides guidelines users can follow to fix the problems, if they choose to do so.

ConfigCheck is available free 🙂

New VI3.5 computer Based Training is about to release a new Computer Based Training on VI3.5 and they made this really cool trailer to promote the training 🙂

The CBT contains 10 videos as follows:

* Module 1: Introduction to Virtualization
* Module 2: Installing and Configuring ESX
* Module 3: Configuring and Managing Virtual Networking
* Module 4: Configuring and Managing Storage
* Module 5: Installing and Configuring VirtualCenter 2.5
* Module 6: Creating and Configuring Virtual Machines
* Module 7: Migrating Physical and Virtual Machines with VMware Converter 3
* Module 8: Designing and Implementing a VirtualCenter Security Strategy
* Module 9: Managing Host & Virtual Machine Resources
* Module 10: Creating and Managing VI Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
* Module 11: Monitoring & Troubleshooting a Virtual Infrastructure
* Module 12: Additional tools for Virtualization & Useful ESX Server commands

** The Site Recovery Manager videos will be made available one week after the release of the VI3.5 DVD and will be free to anyone who purchased the VI3.5 DVD

The training will cost $449