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New version and name: VMware CPU Host Info

Finally after a long time, I made some time to do some programming again. I have updated and renamed my “VMotion Info” to “VMware CPU Host Info”. The program will help you identify what kind of processors you have in your ESX servers, without having to reboot and start some silly CPUID CD. It will show you if you have any differences in functionality between your processors.

In this new version, you can combine information from multiple virtual center environments into one consolidated overview. It also shows you if your processors are VT capable, but more important if VT is also enabled in your BIOS. I have found that many of my servers by default do not have VT enabled.

One other final (experimental) addition, is that this program will tell you if your servers will be able to run FT enabled virtual machines (VMware’s upcoming Fault-Tolerant feature). This feature requires you to have harpertown or newer processors.

Visit the downloadPage

Cool video: DPM

Back in September for VMworld 08 a team of engineers at VMware setup a demo to showcase VMware’s power management features. This demo drives a heavy, mixed workload for an eight-hour day and shows metered power usage throughout. The workload used was VMmark and the total power savings were over 55%! This feature (DPM) is available experimentally in VI3 and will be fully supported with the next release.