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Run an entire SRM setup on your Laptop

After posting the video demonstrating SRM, I received a lot of feedback and new tips and tricks. One I thought I should share with you all. If you really got exited after watching my video about SRM (which I hope of course 🙂 ) then you should check this out:

It is a document that explains how you can run ESX servers with the entire SRM setup on your laptop 🙂

NEW VMware SRM (Site Recovery Manager) Demo Video

Hello Everyone,

After more then a year making the vi3demo video, we finally made some time to shoot a new video about the new VMware Site Recovery Manager. This video hopefully explains what SRM can do and also of course give a live demo of the product in Action 🙂

Top 10 PowerShell scripts that VMware administrators should use

Eric Siebert at Virtual Strategy Magazine has created a great overview of the top 10 powershell scripts for you VMware environment. Powershell is really getting more and more interest from people managing their IT environment and especially in the virtual world Powershell is awesome. If you have not looked at powershell yet, I can highly recommend it.

So here some useful links to get started with powershell:
Eric Siebert’s Top 10 PowerShell scripts that VMware administrators should use Powershell posts
VMworld 2008 – Managing VMware with Powershell session

VMworld Europe 2009 – Call for Participation

As you can imagine, we are at full speed organizing the next VMworld Europe event in Cannes, France from February 24 – 26. Registrations are going well and many sponsors are signing up, which is really great as VMworld really is more then just sessions about VMware Solutions. We will have 100+ technology partners and virtualization vendors and pretty much all the virtualization big shots will be there 🙂

To make sure we also will have a lot of content related to real world experiences we (VMware) are looking for people in the real world to share your experiences with us all. If you are interested in presenting in Cannes next year, please have a look at our call for participation. For more details about submitting a session, please read this document.

Hope to see you all in Cannes 🙂