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Day -4 @ VMworld Europe

Hi Everyone,

Well today the first VMware people including myself arrived in Cannes and I have to say, the weather is amazing! People are actually laying on the beach in bathing suits, the sky is clear blue and it is about 16 degrees, I even have to start worrying about burning my head 🙂 The boulevard is full of people enjoying the great weather and the forecast for next week looks good as well. I know we are here to go to sessions, but some nice weather is a lovely extra bonus 🙂

When we arrived at the building where the event will take place the first banners where already up.

We are here today with a small team starting to get our infrastructure up an running for all the labs and demos on the VMware booth. We shipped 10 Racks full of servers, networking and storage. Andy and Garrett have been working the last 2 weeks together with all the lab team to design some hopefully awesome hands-on Labs.

Well we are about to get our power, so we can start powering on all our kit. For the lucky ones coming to Cannes for VMworld, bring your sun lotion and see you soon 🙂

VMworld Preview – 1 more week to go

A few more nights sleeping and the 2nd VMworld in Europe will go live in Cannes, France again. The almost full session list has been published on and now also includes the hands-on labs.

It will be a challenge to pick what sessions you want to go see as there will be around 140 sessions and 13 labs to choice from 🙂 A good start might be “DC14 – Overview of 2009 VMware datacenter products” and “DC07 – Tech Preview: vCenter Server”. We have reserved the Thursday afternoon for all the top scored sessions from the previous 2 ½ days to give you a second chance to go see them, in case you missed them.

The hands-on labs this year will also have many new interesting topics. You will be able to get your hands-on the upcoming Cisco Nexus 1000v (LAB12), explore the next generation of datacenter software (LAB01) and have a first look at a VMsafe application from Altor Networks in the form of a virtual firewall (LAB13). All the labs will be self-paced and a large crew of VMware Lab Staff will be there to help you to guide yourself through these labs. As they are self-paced, you can come to the hands-on labs any time you like and spend as much or little time you have. If there is no available terminal for you, we can even allow a certain amount of ‘bring-your-own-machine’ to create even more capacity and in case you have a funky keyboard like the Belgiums do, you can work with what you are used to 🙂

This year we will also be making a lot of video content at the event. Interviews with key sponsors and VMware staff and all the sessions will be recorded and available to all who attended the show.

On Wednesday night the VMworld party “Cloud 9” will lift off. As “Cloud 9” means like being in the 7th heaven, I am sure this will be a great spectacle.

I look forward seeing you all in Cannes and for the people who cannot make it, we will do our best to keep you up-to-date online on during and after the event.