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FIGHT: VMware vs Citrix

Well I just finished watching this 41minute long interesting debate between Scott Drummonds from VMware and Simon Crosby from Citrix. I have to say, it was almost like watching an action movie as there where some ‘sparks’ flying between the two. At the end the 2 were asked to shake hands, as you can see in the picture, Scott was willing to come closer to Simon then Simon wanted to be to Scott.

Besides the mud throwing, the debate was very interesting, especially to hear both guy’s perception on all the benchmarks that are out there.

Watch the debate here:
Burton Group – Catalyst event; The Thrilla in California: Debating Hypervisor Performance

Extra: Steve Chambers (ex vmware) now working for Cisco, gave his extended thoughts on this video as well.


Yes, I agree with mr Steve Ballmer, developers are important and not just to Microsoft, but also to VMware. That is why VMware is organizing the Technology Exchange Developer Day, one day before VMworld starts on August 31st in San Francisco.

More and more people are developing in-house special programs to manage/monitor their Virtual Environments, if you are one of them, this would be your event to go to! There will be sessions about the vSphere API, VDDK API, VIX API and much more.

I personally will be going as well and happy to talk to anyone about the APIs and how to program using them. If you want to know all sessions, you can check out the schedule here

The VMware Technology Exchange Developer Day

UPDATED: vAudit 1.00

Thanks to Jeff and Sudharsan for your feedback! I just made a new version available of vAudit with 3 new improvements:

– vAudit now also checks for login failures, so you can detect if people are trying to hack into your system
– You can now resize the username column, so you can actually read the username if you have long domain names
– When you MouseOver a session, it will display the machine name and time information

In the next release, I will try to add information about your top users, make an export function and at some point will give your a graph with daily concurrent usage.

You can download vAudit 1.00 here


Well after a few hours of programming, I am happy to make my latest utility available. The program is called vAudit and it allows you to audit your VMware View environments. vAudit will show you when your users are working with their desktops in an easy timeline.

vAudit Screenshot

VMware View connection brokers log all user activity in the windows eventlog, as this is not an easy format to use (understatement) I wrote this utility. I will add some extra features in the near future. Working on displaying unsuccessful login attempts, so you can see if any serious intruders are trying to get access to your environment.

Download vAudit v0.90 beta