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VMware, Cisco and NetApp about to demonstrate a new joint solution

Today at 9am PST, VMware, Cisco and NetApp will host an online event where the 3 companies will show of a new joint solution. The event will be hosted by Tony Bates (Cisco) Tom Georgens (NetApp) Paul Maritz (VMware) and a special guest. There will also be a live Q&A with technical experts from all three companies.

The event is called: “Imagine Virtually Anything”

Register for the event here:

Free Partition Manager for Virtual Machines

Ever need to change the size of your Virtual Machines? Well, changing the size is fairly easy, but what about the data and partitions inside your Virtual Harddisks? Paragon has made their “partion manager 10 for Virtual Machines” available for free! (well at least the first 5000 copies). Besides changing partitions, it can also do other handy tricks like backups and merging partitions. The product supports the ‘new’ GPT partitions that operating systems like Windows 7 and OSX uses.

Get here your free copy đŸ™‚
Partition Manager 10 for Virtual Machines product page

2010 starts with a nice new Virtual gadget

Happy New Year to you all! CES just started and IOMEGA, now like VMware an EMC company just released a new product called v.Clone. It’s simple, take any IOMAGE external harddisk and you can clone your PC and later on keep it insync (2way), take the external disk anywhere else and with the embedded vmware technology (a custom version of VMware Player) you can run your PC on anyone’s system! Wow nice.

There are some catches, the V.clone software will only work with IOMEGA harddrives and you will need local admin rights on the computer where you want to run the virtual machine. Win7, Vista and XP are supported.

According to IOMEGA, v.Clone is the first product designed for individuals to move seamlessly back and forth between a physical environment (home or office PC) and a virtual environment (Iomega Hard Drive connected to any PC). This allows the user to have a complete, usable virtual copy of their physical PC with them at all times. v.Clone keeps your data in sync between your primary and secondary computer so your virtual environment is ready to go at a moment’s notice.

No pricing information yet, but IOMEGA claims it will be coming in January.