I know it is still a few months out, but the planning for VMworld 2010 is in full progress. We opened our call-for-papers a few weeks ago and have already received a good bunch of submissions. If you have a great session topic you would like to share with the VMworld attendees, feel free to still submit your session via the call-for-paper website.

NEW: Public Voting

This year we are introducing a new way of how we select the content. Some of the sessions will still be selected by small content committees that exist of VMware employees, customers and partners. Public voting! What does not get selected in this first round, we will put up for public voting! Meaning you will directly be able to participate in the selection process. This voting will happen in May and anyone who has a vmworld.com account (anyone can register for free) will be invited to vote.

I hope to see some really cool sessions submitted and sessions with a high education value, as like most of you, I always want to learn new things.