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VMworld 2010 – Registration is open, what can you expect this year?

This week we opened the registration for VMworld 2010, so you might be wondering, should I go to this show? I am personally very excited about this year’s show because of so many new things that are going around this year in the technology industry. Sure the event will have a very healthy long list of technical educative sessions around the more ‘common’ VMware technologies like SRM, VMFS, FT, Vmotion, etc. So a lot to learn if you are today a VMware (vSphere) administrator.  But as you might have noticed, VMware is doing so much more now-a-days then just virtualization. The big drive to enable IT-as-a-Service using the cloud model will certainly get its attentions with topics like the charge back product, the new VMware vCloud Service Director, the new systems services that can easily be added to virtual environments based on technologies like VMsafe. Not only will the focus be on just the infrastructure, but the new technologies on how to offer a Platform-as-a-Service with the recently announced and the spring framework will get its attention, as well as the Software-as-a-Service with the Zimbra offering. You will not walk away from vmworld as a virtualization specialist alone, but will have gained a deep(er) understanding how to practically enable IT-as-a-Service within your own company and maybe even consider using the public cloud as part of your own IT systems.

New ways to engage
Not only will the topics be excited this year, but also how you can engage yourself during the event. We did a lot of thinking of what we can add to VMworld to really justify the travel and time spend at a physical event. So this year we are ‘upgrading’ the networking opportunities. Yes, we will have a great selection of breakout sessions and an awesome solutions exchange where you can meet all the players in this interesting industry, but we are adding new ways for you to be educated, get your questions answered and minds tickled. We will host many small discussion groups, where you can debate in a small group under the guidance of topic experts using a fun voting system. This will enable you to not just get the opinion of vendors but also from your peers. If you are not up for a fun debate, you can also this year schedule one-on-one meetings with special topic experts, so you can have a personal conversation around your ideas and challenges.

Get your hands dirty
This year we are making a major effort to offer all you techies out there even more hand-on experience with all these new technologies. We will have a 100% self paced hands-on lab environment where you can come in and likely choose from more than 20 Topics that you want to get your hands dirty on. We are gathering a huge support team for these labs, so you will not be left on your own, but will get personal guidance with any of these topics.

Network, Education and Tickle your Mind
Sure VMworld will have a marketing/sales element to it, this allows us to gather all the industry players together and offer you to attend a show like this at a reasonable cost, but our focus will be on connecting you with your peers and knowledge experts, to educate you on all these new technologies and give you hands-on experience. And if you are open for it, we want to tickle your mind! J and show you how IT can operate in the next decade.

More info:

VMforce – How it will work

Well today is the day of the big news around VMware and If you are an enterprise developer and wanted to get your app in the Cloud, you already had a few options like googls apps, Microsoft Azure or Apex platform, but soon there will be a nice option for all you Java Fans out there. VMware and announced today the vmforce platform. This will enable Java developers to develop like normal their Java apps on the springsource platform and with a drap-and-drop feature will be able to run their application on the infrastucture in the Cloud and gaining access to the databade and other services.

vmforce how it works

The actual service is not available yet, but a developer preview will be made available later this year, including the cost aspect.

More info:

Rod Johnson, General Manager@springsource just posted a blog about the new vmforce.

Steve Herrod, CTO@vmware also posted a blog on his take with some great background info.

Unofficial PowerShell SDK for VMware View (part 1)

Welcome to this first part of the ‘unofficial SDK for VMware View”. You might wonder, why “unofficial”? Well, simple, VMware View is one of the few products from VMware that does not have an SDK 🙁 So if you want to script/program/automate anything against VMware View, you are out of luck. That is, officially you can not.

VMware View uses Microsoft ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode) to store its data. After a day of googling and puzzling, I was finally able to figure out how to do some of these ADAM calls myself using visual basic and powershell. In this part 1, I want to share 2 beginning powershell scripts with you.

Script 1 – Show Desktop Pool Properties

$poolname = "type_here_your_pool_Unique ID name"
$connectionbroker = "type_here_your_IP_of_your_connection_broker"
$userName = "type_your_username"
$userPassword = "type_your_password""

$ldaproot = "LDAP://$connectionbroker/CN=$poolname,OU=Applications,DC=vdi,DC=vmware,DC=int"

$directoryEntry = New-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry($ldapRoot)


Script2 – Disable/Enable a desktop pool

$poolname = "type_here_your_pool_Unique ID name"
$connectionbroker = "type_here_your_IP_of_your_connection_broker"
$userName = "type_your_username"
$userPassword = "type_your_password"

$ldaproot = "LDAP://$connectionbroker/CN=$poolname,OU=Applications,DC=vdi,DC=vmware,DC=int"

$directoryEntry = New-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry($ldapRoot)

# 0 = enabled 1 = disabled

Script 2 can be used to make any changes. If you for instance did not want to change the pool state, but it’s displayname, you can just replace the 2nd last line with:


The next thing I want to find out is how to query which desktops are actively being used and the state of each desktop, but I have not been able to figure this our yet. If anyone would like to help out on this project, please contact me!

Are you a superduper virtualization expert? or do you know of any?

VMware’s vExpert 2010 adwards program has opened. The vExpert program is a way to identify virtualization experts that have made significant contributions to the virtualization community by sharing their technical expertise and evangelizing to others about virtualization.

If you feel that you are one of these experts, go nominate yourself (do not be shy!) or if you know of such an expert, you can nominate them. The only people excluded for these awards are VMware employees, so please do not all nominate Duncan 🙂

vExpert 2010 Applications

VMware and making exciting announcement?!

On April 27th VMware and will make a joint exciting announcement?

What will this news be?

Check out: