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Windows XP and Windows 7 on ‘Red Bull’

Yep, this is the new title of the 3rd fase/release of the Virtual Reality Check. A program run by Jeroen van de Kamp, Sven Huisman en Ruben Spruijt. This extensive document focus on how to optimize VDI environments with Windows XP and Windows 7. All the test and benchmarks where done using vSphere 4.0 U2 and the latest release vSphere 4.1

The document entails information about:
– Which performance optimization on the host and guest virtualization level can be configured, and what is the impact of these settings on user density?
– How do various Microsoft Windows Client OS’s scale as a virtual desktop?
– What is the best way to partition (memory and vCPU) the Virtual Machines the hypervisor host, to achieve the highest possible user density?
– and much more!!!

If you are doing or planning a VDI environment, this document is a must read. And I would say, send a nice bunch of flowers to the VRC team as they probably just saved you 100s of hours of research.

Why the Red Bull?
The funny pick of the document’s title with “red bull” in it, refers to their research about the HaltingIdleMsecPenalty setting on ESX. Using this parameter correctly it allowed them to get an insane boast on their servers allowing for much more Virtual Machines to run.

You can find the full document here:

A new top 25 list of VMware Bloggers

Looking for technical resources, the latest news and great sample code, check out the new Top 25 list of VMware bloggers. just released the results of this years ‘competition’., hopefully your favorite blog 😉 went down the list to a 46th place (from 30). O well, I should be more active and release more code and other news. So maybe a good push for me to spend more time on my blog.

Duncan with YellowBricks won again, so super congrats to him! and also to chad, who already is a super busy man at EMC became 2nd again, incredible, where do you you find the time???

I do not want to make this into a Geo competition, but I am happy to see a very good representative from Europe and especially the Netherlands in the top 25 🙂

Check out the full list here:

VMware goes PHP :-) yeah!

PHP, my favorite programming language was never really polulair within VMware, but as more and more solutions are focused on cloud computing, VMware needs to address the needs of service providers who ofter do have a lot of code based on PHP.

To endeavor in this PHP world, VMware’s just release the first public beta of the VMware vCloud SDK for PHP. This SDK allows you to interface to VMware vCloud Director.

Cool vSphere iPad Management App.. coming soon :-)

Sure it isn’t the most important application from VMware, but might become one of the coolest. Srinivas, the product manager of VMware’s mobile team is working on an iPad app to manage your vSphere environment. The app is still in early stages and wasn’t demonstrated at the keynote, but we where able to catch him during the show and get a first glimpse of the app.