As the xmas holiday is coming, some lucky ones might find an iPad under the tree, but most of us will hopefully be spending some nice time at home. But what if stuff goes wrong at work, while you are at a nice xmas dinner? Do you need to pull out your laptop or drive to the office.. or can you cope with some of the available mobile management solutions that are available today?

Here at run-virtual HQ we tested out for you the possible options.

– iDataCenter (iPad Native App- €11.99)
– iVMControl (iPhone Native App- €7.99)
– OPS1 (iPhone native App- FREE)
– Rove Mobile Admin (Windows Mobile/Android/Blackberre/Iphone native apps – $595)
– vCenter Mobile Access (Mobile webpages – Free)
– VMware vSphere client for iPad (iPad – Unknown price, not released yet)

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