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A real life SRM story from Japan, how VMware helped to deal with the earthquake.

Christopher Wells is an IT professional working in Japan. I can not even imagine how hard life must be over there right now with the after match of the earthquake, tsunami and thread of nuclear disaster, still he found time to write about his IT experience during this disaster and explains how SRM helped them (with some issues) to fail-over to their alternative datacenter on the east side of Japan.

You can read here the full story:

Thanks Christopher for sharing!


HTML5 client for VMware View!!!

ok… do not get to excited yet.. it just came in beta today, but Ericom has developed (or still is) a html5 client for VMware View that will work from a windows, linux, mac and Chrome OS device! Unfortunately the solution is not based on PCoIP but on RDP, but does even further open up the possibilities to connect back into your VMware View environment without having any local clients installed.

As the technology is pure HTML5 based, it does not require any Java, flash, silverlight or other client installs 🙂

You can signup for the beta here.

A new generation of storage boxes

Today a new company announced a new storage appliance. Not one of those traditional ones where you create raid group on your disks and lun on your raid groups, to then create a vmfs on and then store your VMs on it. No it directly supports storing VMs and do all the storage management per VM, like perfomance stats per VMs. The box uses a combination of SSD and SATA drives and of course you do not have to figure out where what block of data goes. The appliance is smart and will balance the high IO load data on the SSD and lower demand data on the SATA. While doing this it also data dedubes (using the SSD disks) so you get good value for money by saving (hopefully) lots of storage usage.

Duncan has written a good more detailed article about the unit, check it out


The box (no price mentioned on their site yet) comes with 8.5TB of usable storage (across the 1TB SSD and 7,5TB SATA).

VMware View iPad App released

Yeah!!!! The eagerly awaited VMware View iPad app is available via the iTunes store


The App supports PCOIP (no RDP support) that should give good performance over all kinds of networks, including 3G. A series of gestures are added to enable you to easily work with just your fingers.

If you like to share your experience with the iPad app, VMware has also opened an forum specially for the iPad app.

VMworld 2011 – Call for paper is open!

Do you want to present at VMworld in Las Vegas and/or Copenhagen, you can now submit your session idea. Make sure it is a very educative sessions based on real world experience, to get the best change of being selected.

VMworld 2011



VMware vCloud connector available

I really wanted to wait writing this article, as I would have loved to shown you the new VMware vCloud Connector working in the real world with a Colt, BlueLock or Verizon, but unfortunately it is quite a challenge to get anyone to speak at these companies 🙁 And as Eric Sloof just posted a video of using the vCloud Connector against an other Vcenter server, I could not wait anymore.

So, if you are lucky enough to have an account with a VMware vCloud Datacenter partner you can start playing with the new vCloud Connector. You can download it usign this link:

The vCloud connector allows you to easily move Virtual Machines from your own datacenter to the cloud (and back) and keep track of all your VMs from within Virtual Center.

Check out Eric’s movie demonstrating the vCloud Connector;