Yeah, this year I am not organizing VMworld, so I can finally participate as a normal geek interested into the virtualization life style. I submitted two presentations for VMworld and can now start begging for your votes as the public voting for VMworld 2011 is live.

Here the sessions I submitted:

3080 – How To: Central Logging and Alerting for ESX(i), vCenter and View
This session will demonstrate how to setup central logging for your ESX, ESXi, vCenter and View servers. This will help you keep an secure centralized log for security auditing and analyze the log files for errors and security risks. As ESXi is the primary platform for the future, do know that by default it does not keep if log files persistent. Knowing how to centralize logging is a must for anyone that is security focused.

3093 – Monitoring and Auditing Your View Environment
Do you need to know who has logged in to your View environment and when? When is your View environment on its peak load and when is it more idle, so you know when to plan maintenance? This session will go into the details on how to monitor your View environment to get this kind of information. If you are running a View environment in production, this session is a must to attend.

To read all the submitted sessions and vote for what you find interesting, please go to

So here goes: Please… pretty please… vote for me 🙂

Voting is open until may 18th!