According to VMware there are many vCloud providers out there today. 2 in the vCloud Express program (where you can signup with a credit card), some in the vCloud Datacenter program (must be based on vCloud Director and vShield), but most are in the vCloud powered category. The last group is ‘non structured’, and definitely not all are very clear about what they do offer. To help you provide some more details around this, I really want to make a good listing of the various providers, show what version of vCloud API they are on (vCD 1.0 based, vCD 1.5 based, or use there own system that is vCloud API compatible). The API does allow you to query what version is supported, so I automated this in a simple tool that my site will daily run and generate a daily up-to-date list. I will also keep track of when they go offline, so I can start do some reporting on how ‘stable’ they are.


While I just started this project, I did already want to share the progress with you. Check out the listing and please let me know if you are missing any vCloud providers. I will be adding more myself as well, and I will increase the amount of information available per provider.


Check out the vCloud listing here;