Ok, it is not really a huge prize… It is actually the prize for the vendor who is the “worst cloudwashing offender”. Besides Oracle, Microsoft and Salesforce were also rewarded for their “washer” attitudes towards cloud.

As VMware and Citrix are not mentioned, so I guess people do think these companies are serious “cloud contenders”. I am really curious to see the results next year, as the industry is starting to see that “Cloud” is more and more driven from a business perspective then from a technical drive and therefor SaaS and Paas are the most attractive solutions. So while Citrix and VMware today are supposedly the “Cloud” contenders, there main focus (and success) has only been on the IaaS front.

I guess a lot of work to do for Oracle (read: me) to change the mindset and to not prove that Oracle’s virtualization stack is better the VMware’s, but that offering SaaS and Paas will provide more business value and in that space Oracle has a superieur solution 🙂

But at least the first Cloud prize is won for Oracle 🙂 “The biggest overall cloud washer”, yeah 🙂

Read more about the prizes: http://blog.appirio.com/2011/12/envelope-please-announcing-winners-for.html