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New Client Side Performance Testing for your VDI environment

Yesterday, Login Consultants announced their new Client Side performance testing module for Login VSI. If you are evaluating a VDI solution like VMware PCoIP, Citrix HDX or Oracle VDI based on RDP you might care about the performance of the display protocol, especially if you are not going to do VDI on a local lan but use a WAN or the Internet.

This is not a stand-alone tool, but an optional module for Login VSI Pro 3.6. The beta version will be available at no additional cost for existing users of VSI Pro (which you would expect from a beta product), but it seems like there likely will be an extra charge when the module will go GA.

The main new type of testings that can be done are:

  • Character response – How long does it take to press a key on the keyboard and return it onscreen via protocol?
  • Large text response – How long does it take to show a large block of text onscreen via protocol?
  • Mouse click feedback – How long does it take to register and handle a mouse click within the remoting session?
  • Image quality and loading times – How long does it take to show a complex image onscreen via protocol? This image has been specifically designed to measure quality and speed of different protocols in an independent way.

All testing is done based on client-side screen scraping technologies, so the module is completely protocol independent and can test anything that is out there.

Image Response Testing

Benchmark overview

Image Quality testing


More information: VSI Press release

VMware takes big lead on Citrix and Microsoft with VDI

A new, somewhat independent, survey report is released by VIBriefing today. The survey is sponsored by Virsto Software, who makes storage and VDI solutions for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V (not yet supporting Citrix, but this is announced that they will).

According to the survey, 65% of respondents use VMware as their hypervisor for their VDI projects, versus 12% using Citrix and 8% using Hyper-V. That seems like a huge lead for VMware, which somewhat surprises me as Citrix originally was/is the leader in the Desktop space.

According to the survey, 46% of VDI projects are stalled due to cost and performance issues. I guess after so many years of VDI software development, no solution on the market offers an easy answer 🙁

Read the full findings on Virsto’s website