So it has been a while 🙂 and my great employer is allowing me to visit VMworld Europe. I saw there was a hackathon, so a great opportunity to bring back an quite old project of mine that I never really finished. physical monitoring tools for your VMware/Cloud environment.

So what will we do? might wonder. Well we mainly will be using Raspberry PIs to control physical devices, both analog and digital, based on information from your VMware environment. We can also add some switches and buttons, so we can make it a 2-way street.

But… we need your help! If you are attending VMworld in Barcelona, come join our team (#8). It is great if you have programming skills, but that is not mandatory! If you have great ideas about what metrics, log files, etc we should poll so we can actually show useful information, that will be super useful as well. If you have AWS api knowledge also super awesome!

You can find more information about the event below. There is a link to a google Document where you enter your name to our team.