Vizioncore just released esxBasics for ESX Server . For people who are not familiar with vizioncore products; esxRanger is a product to make and automate backups of your virtual machines and esxCharter allows you to see graphically the perfomance on your servers and virtual machines.

According to the press release the free product includes basic versions of both vizioncore’s flagship esxRanger™ and esxCharter™, esxBasics provides a range of dynamic backup and monitoring tools for the ESX Server environment. vizioncore’s esxBasics also enables ESX Server administrators to sample vizioncore’s industry-leading applications for non-mission critical applications. As esxBasics users move toward making virtualization a strategic core platform in their datacenters, upgrading to the standard or professional versions of esxRanger and esxCharter products grant users access to a larger feature set, product updates, and technical support—all without switching from the products they’ve come to rely on.

esxRanger UI

Features of vizioncore’s esxBasics include:

  • esxRanger provides full image backup protection (without interfering with ongoing server operations), full restore capabilities and a centralized Windows interface. esxRanger also enables Windows scheduler support in the GUI, allowing users to schedule esxRanger to perform online dynamic backups of guest operating systems on the VMware ESX Server;
  • esxCharter provides real-time ESX Server monitoring, enabling ESX administrators to monitor in real-time how much of the CPU the VM occupies, as well as how much memory is being used on an active, swapped, or shared basis. esxCharter also offers the ‘At-a-Glance’ view, providing a real-time snapshot of the current performance and specifications of the user’s VM Server—including important service console information.
  • Download esxBasics here