You might have never noticed it, but VMware has always been strict with benchmarking. After VMware Workstation 3.2 they introduced a clause in the End User License Agreements that you are not allowed to publish any benchmarking results with their products. This is why you have never seen benchmark result with the latest workstation, vmware server or GSX suite, or at least you should not have 🙂

Since the introduction of VMware Infrastructure 3 this all has changed. Instead of having a strict policy that you can not publish any benchmark results unless you have written permission from VMware, it now states that you are allowed to publish benchmarks. There is still a small but… VMware does want to review your benchmark first, to make sure you do not publish any rubbish. They even provide you with a special email address to get your benchmark reviewed.

I know, most of you never read the EULA, but sometimes it does make sense to do so 🙂 This is the new section:

You may use the Software to conduct internal performance testing and benchmarking studies, the results of which you (and not unauthorized third parties) may publish or publicly disseminate; provided that VMware has reviewed and approved of the methodology, assumptions and other parameters of the study. Please contact VMware at to request such review.

Personally I am working on my first benchmark and will test if this new sysem will actually work. If it does, you will of course see the results here 🙂