Well how long have we been talking in the IT industry about Utility Computing, getting our computing abilities like water and electricity just out of the wall. Well the new chippc thin client really makes this possible. Computing straight out of the wall 🙂 You might not believe it, but I have seen it work my self, these new thin client are the size of a normal wallmount socket. It contains a Full thin client and depending on which model you buy it will support VGA or DVI. The last one will allow you even to hook two screens to it. It runs windows CE and allows all the normal kind of connections like RDP and ICA. The device gets its power over the Ethernet if you have switches that support this feature.

ChipPC ChipPC ChipPC

You might think “what does this has to do with virtualization?”… haha, I was just wondering this my self 😉 I saw the device on the VMware Customer Symposium roadshow in europe and since now virtualization is used for Virtual Desktops, terminal server and thin client technologies are diving onto the virtualization train.