With the year ending, people are starting to look at 2008 and what will happen in this year around the virtualization movement. Sure 2008 will be an important year of virtualization with more competition and more and more new inventions.

Simon from XenSource (now Citrix of course) and Mendel (co-founder VMware) both share their vision of 2008:

Simon Crosby of Citrix Discusses Virtualization Heading into 2008

The GigaOM Interview: Dr. Mendel Roseblum, Chief Scientist, VMWare

In short Simon thinks that Citrix/XenSource should really not “re-invent” too much but work with the established world on building complete solutions and will mainly focus on getting a very fast virtual machine running on their hypervisor.

Mendel will keep focus on developing new ways on how to better run your datacenter, including your desktop infrastructure, clearly not just focusing on a VM or hypervisor technology.