A while back I wrote an utility to scan for VMware servers using the VMware API. I was curious how many people would have their ESX(i) servers directly attached to the internet. Shockingly I found many 🙂 I have received quite a few emails in the last few weeks if I wanted to share the program, so IT Admin can check their network for ‘rogue’ vmware servers in their environments. Well here it is 🙂 I did some bug fixes and the program now seems to run fine. How does it work? It first checks if a server responds to port 443 (ssl), if so, it send a VMware API call to the server to query the product name, version and build number (this does NOT require any credentials), if a server reponds back this is shown and written to a file. To speed up the scanning process, I made the software highly multi threaded. It can spin up up to 750 parallel threads for scanning. I would only recommend these high thread counts on windows server operating systems, found that a desktop windows OS becomes unstable above 500 threads.

So here a great challenge for you!

1. Download the VMware scanner

2. sit down behind any normal desktop in your corporate environment

3. scan your entire network

find any vmware servers? Then start worrying!!! why would you connect your management interface on your easily accessibly network???? Do not come complaining to me that your servers got hacked 🙂


Download the VMware scanner on the main download page