As I received many positive reactions on my Analog Alarm Box to monitor your VMware vSphere environment, I decided for the first “finalized” product to not include the split-flip display, as I still need to work out a lot of things to be able to “mass” produce it. The slim box will have 4 analog meters and you will be able to decide yourself what each meter displays. Like 4x the CPU usage of 4 different clusters or the CPU and Memory Usage of 2 clusters, storage consumption, or what ever.

I am adding a 2 line 16 chars LCD display in the box, that can show the names of the meters that are being displayed and can also display alarm notifications. The box will get a buzzer, for when an alarm condition is met. You will be able to configure and setup the box using the build-in webserver.

I will make easy kits that people will be able to assemble that will contain everything but the Raspberry PI board, including a breakout board will all the electronics that can just be put on the header pins or the Raspberry PI, 4x the analog meters, the LCD display, buttons and the wooden box itself.