Is this a new trend? I hope so! I have been working on my analog hardware monitoring box for vSphere environments the last couple of weeks. This weekend I hope to finish writing my software so I can finally release a full working version. But I am not the only one experimenting with Arduino’s and Raspberry PIs to engage them with your vSphere servers and other datacenter components. Bouke, a training consultant (also Dutch), has also played with the Raspberry PI and interfaced it with vSphere. In his case he is using pyton, where I am using PHP. He just released a video showcasing his 16 LED micro monitoring box. One of his customers has a big 16 VMware vCenter large environment. So each LED represents the status of a vCenter server. It is not just pinging the servers, but really using the API to check that vCenter is running.

Check out Bouke’s blog post:
Let the REVOLUTION of Micro Hardware Gadgets start 🙂